RealityHubs - New Tribe- Staked 128 RHB

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As far as I am concerned I am seeing various types of TRIBE'S are coming alive. Some are very much intimidating whereas, some are not so much, though it depends on the users criteria. Like if I am not a photographer then I will be attracted towards a photographic tribe. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

To start with my little investment that I was able to make in here I am looking to make profit from them (Which every investor expects). So did some digging and invested in few tribes and I am looking forward to the upcoming projects of this Tribes.

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My latest investment is on and the coin is RHB. It has not been long that the Tribe came out live. As a result you can say whoever are posting are kind of early adopters and taking the benefit of it.

So I bought 128.5 RHB with the price of 1 RHB = 0.2 Steem (Which in total is 25.7 Steem). As a result that is quite a lot of Steem from the position I am in. I am now curating and waiting for the good days ahead. I will be in the long term mode and will keep on going with my contents. As I will try to be more active in here in terms of curating and posting.

If you have not visited the Tribe then please do visit and check it out.


Hi, thank you for being here :)
just please know that,
just like any other SCOT and Steem based community, self comment voting is an absolute abuse of your power, please don't use it for this purpose, if you'd do it you will get downvoted.
Do you want to earn? no worries, vote for others, you will earn from that, vote for your posts, but not for your comments.
no reason for comment to be worth 3k RHB!
good luck.

@upmeboost :>

Understood, will keep that in mind.