Multisend- Send ETH & ERC20 tokens to multiple wallet addresses

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ETH is a major coin after BTC and Etherum blockchain is widely know for its smart contract features and ERC series tokens. The ERC20 tokens are very much prevalent in crypto ecosystem. Most of the airdrops are also ERC20 tokens. ETH is also a highly exchanged coin being a major crypto coin.

There might have been instances people want to send ETH or ERC20 tokens to multiple users with one-click. They must have at least thought of this idea particularly, the bounty managers, airdrop holders or may other types of people who distribute ETH or ERC20 tokens to multiple users.

This article will guide you, how you can send ETH or ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses with one click. The name of the dapp where you can perform this is "Multisend".


Multisend is a dapp on the top of Etherum blockchain which enables users to send ETH or ERC20 tokens to multiple users(or multiple wallet addresses) with a single click. Definitely it saves a lot of time. But the financial benefit is that it can save a lot of transaction fee.

Take, for example, you want to send 0.05 ETH each to 20 wallet address or users. If you send it separately to these 20 users, then it will cost you (20 x mining fee in ETH blockchain for one transaction). With Multisend you can send to these 20 people with a single transaction and have to pay only one transaction's fee instead of 20. The other benefit is that it can save a lot of time.

But also note that you can send different amount of ETH or ERC20 tokens to different wallet addresses.

How it works

You need to have a Metamask wallet first before being able to send ETH or ERC20 tokens to multiple wallet addresses. So either create one Metamask wallet or if you already have one, then simply follow these steps:-

  • Click on "Send".


  • It will direct you to connect with your Metamask wallet, authorize the connection in your Metamask wallet by clicking on "Connect".



  • Now you can send ETH and ERC20 tokens to multiple wallet addresses. In order to do so, click on "Send Ether" or "Send Tokens", then add addresses as per your requirement and then enter the amount. Now you can send in just one-click. You can add upto 100 wallet addresses. You can send different amounts for different wallet addresses.


  • The addresses can also be imported from google sheet and for that the sender has to click on "import" and get it imported from the google sheet.



  • Most simple user interface.

  • A lot of time can be saved.

  • A lot of transaction fees can be saved if you combine it and send using Multisend.

  • It is the most simple dapp, so any average user can use it.

  • A perfect tool for bounty and airdrop manager who very often distribute ETH or ERC20 tokens.

  • It is a perfect tool to organize daily transactions in an efficient manner(for ETH & ERC20 tokens)


  • The dapp is for ETH and ERC20 tokens only. If it can extend its service beyond Etherum blockchain then a lot of people can get facilitated with multi-sending features.

  • It asks for Metamask wallet to connect to perform a multisend transaction. It should support other types of ETH wallet too.

Review & Rating

I personally feel that the website of Multisend is very easy and straight to its purpose and without any unnecessary stuff. Any average user can understand the use of this dapp very quickly and for me it feels like the most easy dapp i have ever used.

Use case wise, yes many people will get benefited by this dapp and can really save a lot of time and unnencessary transaction fee. They can also keep a record of it very easily.

So I would like to give 5 star rating out of 5 stars.



Etherum is a big family and ERC20 tokens itself is huge market in crypto sub-domain. So a dapp like Multisend is really a necessity to perform multiple transactions with with same or different amount to different wallet addresses. The easy to use and simple user interface will catch the attention of common user and this sort of dapp should be available for all other major blockchains at least.

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Hello, @divine-sound. This is a very nice review. It is descriptive and detailed. Well done! As you've said, it'll be great if the dev/team behind the project support more crypto outside just ETH and ERC20. It'll definitely open the app to more crypto users to embrace.

I look forward to your next review.

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