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We know we are not role models We often commit sin But we continue to fight Is it because we can do nothing in the world of light?

You are all we have We have probably tried it many times Life is trying to escape Because we want to achieve freedom.

But still, Why do they accept so much In the decisions, you want to make But it's still enough!. That's why we are important to them Or maybe you just look at people They can also be very true With concern for others.

Sometimes, we can't help but be confused The situation in the world is chaotic Whether in the driveway or in the corner we can see that it's getting better in the end.

Disgusting events Any victim is trapped It is a pity that their lives do not last How can a family lose their loved one?. Many questions but no answers Answer the question 'What caused it? We seek good but are consumed Because we didn't realize we were plagues.

Let us send in the perfect ship We lie to cover them up with the magic they do Because they do feel sorry when they do the companion!.

Yes, we have the right to choose For the sake of ourselves But the money is not full Because everything is hard and not easy. Okay, let's say you're forced to do things you don't understand Why do you know the truth You still can't leave.

There are things that are hard to forget Especially you get used to it Even bad lets For the family and the economy. This is the REALITY of the World Everything will be done for the person you love You will write your own COMMENTS You create your Original BOOK.

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