RCs and Good Deeds

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In my feed today I found something I've not noticed in a while, a Resteem of a post made by a new user. @welcoming looks a touch inactive (2 months since last Resteem), and @newbieresteemday (1 month since last Resteem) have faded recently but you can't blame these accounts for becoming 'tired' - the owners have their own account and lives to lead and searching New and #introduceyourself (if the new member has somehow found this tag) takes time and effort with little to no direct reward, apart from the occasional 'thank you'.

Anyway, the new account had posted a selfie, holding a sign with date as their main image which I always feel is promising when looking for legit new Steemians, and actually their opening post was pretty good. This rating could be due to feeling a connection with the title, 'Hello from a former beer swilling, chain smoking, cake eating, greed machine', although the word 'former' threw me a little, but the contents of the text were also amusing and interesting enough to make me think, "well I hope they stick around".

I checked the replies, 15 or so at the time, and noticed the original poster hadn't replied yet. The could have gone to bed, or could well be stuck with what many people think has severely restricted the on-boarding process.

Not enough Resource Credits to do a goddam thing

I'll save the RC chat for a bit further down (things are looking much better in that regard) and go back to my good deed which was to throw 50 Steem Power into an account without any knowledge of what they will do next.

Because, what they certainly weren't going to do next was to reply all the dozen or so messages they have received from various people and bots. In the past I've tested what can be done with 3 SP, and it wasn't much. 4/5 replies maybe, but if they'd seen a spelling mistake in their post and the edit had gone through then that would be it for a few days.

The account I delegated to registered via blocktrades and arrived with 0 SP, but they did bring some liquid STEEM along to the party. So, interesting title and post, person on main image holding a sign with some sort of verification text, and some liquid STEEM to boot. Wouldn't it be a total shitter if during these 2/3 days without being able to 'speak' they moved their liquid STEEM out of their wallet and called it a day?


'All' they had to do next was to power up that liquid STEEM and then they would be up and running - easy, right? Just scroll down the Steemit FAQ past the likes of....

What languages are supported?

How do I promote a post?

Will I get a 1099 from Steemit? (What The f does a 1099 mean to anyone outside America?)

...to question 120 (truth), which is 'How do Resource Credits work on the Steem blockchain?', to potentially uncover why replies aren't being submitted, or why a user can't be followed.

To be fair, there are questions relating to powering up before this one, but a new user making the connection between powering up, Steem Power, and Resource Credits is a big ask. It needs a bit of work but what about:

Question 1: I've made a post and now cant do anything else, why?

All is not lost

The 50 Steem Power out of my account is a small inconvenience, but I can have it returned in 5 days if the account chooses not to engage, or does reply with with 20 "thank you's" and upvote all their comments. However, a much better solution seems to be on its way with RC Delegation Pools.

Really looking forward to where RC delegation pools can empower Steem apps and users. This will definitely make the RC problems of new users much easier to contend with without opening Steem (or anyone's) stake up for abuse.

Thanks @tarazkp.

Ideally, not for the development team but for new users at least, RC delegation should have been rolled out with HF 21 (which is I think) when Steemit Inc decided not to offer the 15 SP starter pack. Accounts with anything more than a few hundred SP were left with a seemingly unlimited supply of Resource Credits, but without the ability to share them out without temporarily losing out on some of their Steem Power.

Plenty of us have delegated Steem Power (only to power new accounts with Resource Credits) in the past year but again, this is time-consuming, costly, and risky (like selling your vote to dickheads), without an SP / RC separation in place. From the recent @steemitblog post, I can't work out if this functionality is coming in HF21 or HF22, but whenever it arrives it'll be not a moment too soon.

Price action has played a part in the difficulties retaining users, but the on-boarding process and gradient of the ramp have definitely meant less accounts making it through the first week.

Alright, @downthehabithole (in the future someone will tell you there are apps that can notify you when you are 'tagged'), no pressure and good luck :)



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I did try to get NRD off the ground again, but it's like you say: it's too much work next to everything else. Especially because I wanted to refrain from intro posts and focus on the people that did more than write one post.

A team could have made that project quite succesful again, I think, but unlike @davemccoy, I'm not a team player, let alone a team leader.

With my main account, however, I've been doing the opposite. I have been sending out 50SP delegations to newcomers I found through @heyhaveyamet. (Many of the posts you see in the NRD feed are of my delegatees). At one point I had like more than 20 delegatees. Delegations were kept in place for about 6 weeks since I last heard from them. It's sad to see the list, though. In 6 months, I had no more than 5 or 6 people who made it to their own 100SP. But seeing them thrive here makes up for all the 'wasted' SP.

I had SP going out and returning to me all the time, sometimes as little as 50SP, but sometimes up to 2000SP. I'm not saying I don't have plenty to go around, still, it would have made such a difference if it would have been RC instead of SP. So I'm really looking forward to that. (If I'm not mistaken, RC delegation will be part of HF22, while it is something that this places needs more than anything else.)

Mainly because it will probably bring more people to help out newcomers. I don't mind sharing my wealth, but after all those months it all started to feel a little hopeless. I found some likeminded people who were doing the same thing... @thedarkhorse, @akomoajong and @galenkp, for example (and there are more, of course), but the number of people we were helping was ridiculously low compared to the number of users who need help.

I can only hope that the RC delegation system will make more people take action, because without fresh blood, this place is doomed...

Since the last fork we have been leaking people and not managing to make many stick and the lack of separation between SP and RC and ability to easily pool and move RC to new recruits has been a massive fail and this should have been brought in at the time of the increase/changes in resource costs.

Good to hear there are some still fighting the good fight, and I hope that this will become easier with RC delegations. Hopefully it wont be too late and will coincide nicely with a price rise.

With every day that passes, I become more afraid that it will be too late... :0(

Fingers crossed!

Looking at the burnup, RCs will be here tomorrow ;D

I am hoping that when the pools are introduced there will be an automatic delegation system that can be used to bring them on fast. I saw the post too and found it amusing to see the piece of paper as proof - just like the old days :D

I spend so little time in "New" now because there is so much crap tpo sort through to find anyone. @newageinv does a good job though.

Whenever I have tried to go find new users and welcome them, it seems to be 75% NOT new users using that tag. It drives me bonkers.
Also, yeah - that FAQ needs an overhaul...
Thanks for trying to go a good deed, @abh12345!

Yes the tag has been abused - it did used to be quite well policed, ah well.

FAQ needs a new users section maybe? Stick all the questions relating to newbie issues to the top and worry less about the 1099 form!

Thank you :D

That's a great idea - a new users FAQ all by itself, or at least pinned at the top!

And many of them are alts of users or new users who had their old accounts steemcleaned :)

Buzzkill :P

Manana? Not the Spanish 'tomorrow' i hope :D

That is awesome news!

Hey, I like the 'paper proof' and they have been cautiously added as a follower on my new account :)

@newageinv is offering his RCs? Good man!

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

@newageinv curates "new"

I think the RC pools will arrive for hf22

Which presumably wont be a year after HF21, if everything goes relatively smoothly...


Yes, I noticed and followed her too. Excellent example of an engaging first post. I wouldn't have thought to check for RCs though, great pick-up.

Thanks :) It was a solid first post and the support/resteems suggest many thought so.

Extra mile, that's me, today at least :)

Yeah this is something I do myself relatively regularly when I run into promising new users, along with trying to be available to answer the inevitable newb questions that come. Good on ya. @heyhaveyamet is the most active newbie welcoming project that I know of, and they do awesome work. I definitely like the sound of RC pools but if my understanding of the way RC costing works is correct, this will actually end up increasing the RC costs for all actions right? The current costs are as low as they are because the vast majority of RCs are sitting unused in large accounts. The more of the total RCs that are used for actions, the higher the costs will be is my understanding. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, if efficient ways to get the RCs delegated to the right people are developed.

Goodmorning @carlgnash thank you so much for the compliment ! We love to do the work so the people feel welcome , can be helped and Will stay for the future

I hoped and i'm glad to hear there are others throwing SP at the promising ones :)

Yeah I think you are right about RC costs going up once the trillions of inactive ones start being put to work. It might not be as bad as we think though as those with RCs will either stay inactive (steemit staff) and there are plenty of large accounts already using them to claim a bunch of accounts. Fingers crossed.

@heyhaveyamet still broadcast newbies posts and curates them but yeah a newb can’t do much once they’re bombarded with messages and telling them to download all sorts of shit or follow things when they can’t even engage!

Plenty of us with a reasonable amount of SP are sitting with RC that ain’t doing shit I mean I engage like a psychopath on the chain and can hardly burn up 3% of it, seems like a waste to me!

I’d be happy if there was a donation pool and I could say take 20, nay 30 even 90 of my RCs and give it to those in need of if I could call a bot just to give that user I find some of my RCs!

I mean if people on twitch can donate to boobie streamers then where is our sense of donating to a boob cause I mean good cause

Forgot about @heyhaveyamet, good stuff.

a newb can’t do much once they’re bombarded with messages and telling them to download all sorts of shit or follow things when they can’t even engage!

Yeah. Probably 10 links in those messages today heading all over the place, and none clarifying the basics. 'Come to discord and get lost for a month'

Plenty of us with a reasonable amount of SP are sitting with RC that ain’t doing shit

Yep. There is a spot above 100 SP and below 4500 SP which gives you enough RCs to do unlimited everything but claim accounts - 1000000000000000000000000000000000000s of wasted RCs.


We have also started doing a monthly delegation contest to help those with less than 100 Sp. We call it Redfish Rally and we are encouraging all the new people to sign up for it.


The delegation isn't much (75 1st place, 50 2nd place, and 25 3rd place), but it is a start for us. Granted it is only for one calendar month, but that is a good help to get those new accounts to their first 100 SP.

If you anyone would like to delegate to @heyhaveyamet to help us increase that monthly delegation amount, we would appreciate it greatly. We would love to put your RC to work for them, us, and you!

Sounds good! I’ll delegate some when I’m at my PC always willing to help a good cause and what better way than helping noobs

I have just heard about the delegation contest, very cool :)

If I delegate to heyhaveyamet, unless i'm missing something, this can't be passed onto new users?

The RC pools will hopefully remove the transaction issues whilst not enabling abuse. Then the discords can focus on the next issue a new user might have, and at least they can ask on chain at this point too.

It will enable me to free up what we have been using to post and comment. Yeah, eventually I am sure someone will come up with a way to fix all this; eventually.

@abh12345 @chekohler

Ok obviously I need to respond , and not only to the boobsrc’s although looking at the giphy with the ears it looks like a must have outfit.

I reply to everybody and I also replied to this account funny that I see people reacting I never see daily.
I reply and try to help by inviting the account to the steemterminal discord where we do everything from explaining, helping and just talk steem every day almost 24/7 thanks to a team that’s there every day in and from different time zones , it’s not that we are like all the shot bot comments that I do see every day. I love that you are trying to help and would like to invite you to the server when the fork arrives , we will be there for all the newbies to talk steem even when there is RC but no Steemit for a limited time.
Again I am linking a blog, don’t worry it’s the invite

Ok dinner time for boobs here
See you Sunday guys
Oh and thanks for welcoming this new account
It’s appreciated

I blame @chekohler :)

Alright, so the standard template message on new user blogs.....

I can see esteemapp (5 links), tuanis (5 links) 5 links from you, anhvu with 4, and 9 from kapengbarako.

Honestly, I feel this is too much and too many directions - wouldn't it be better if the process naturally guided the new user with the right information when they needed it?

Also, what I don't see from any of the messages is that the post has been read - nothing in the replies is personal to their content, and it's this that will make the person connect and wish to find out more.

I understand that there is a lot of work taking place and that there are many friendly people in a multitude of Discord servers who are there to help, and someone to chat to will likely be the preferred method of learning for some, so please don't take offense :)

Hopefully the RC delegation pools will remove a new users likely first issue - unable to interact, but they will need help learning other stuff as they go.

Enjoy dinner :D

@abh12345 I will rethink my template on the beach in Ibiza next week and send some white smoke when I have changed it hahaha

And I don’t take offence I like to re think strategy

Well ash and I are merely trying to come up with a plan to free the noob, like boobs they are best when they are not constructed and allowed to bounce around however they please


Noobboobs is that account taken 😂😂

LOL if it isn’t I think we should claim it and use it as a commununi-titty account 😝😝😝

Cool :)

I'm guessing you don't bother with the rubbish opening posts, but if the standard was good and they looked real, then maybe there is a better chance they will accept guidance and therefore it could be worth putting in the extra time to comment a bit about the post.

One link would be best as well i think, and then the information on the other end (maybe from a person in discord) would focus on what they want to know - one step at a time :)

I do, I do skip the “hi there and I want to make money “ rubbish posts
I try to also give the people who do a first blog , even the “ not that great ones” a chance, first times are hard most off the times .......

It's a huge change for Steem, the RC delegations :D Yay! Dice apps and the like might give some tokens for RC instead of us all getting some return for delegating SP which is lowering our upvote values :-/ Just in time for/around/right after HF21 which makes keeping as much SP as possible more worthwhile :D

Cheers, and great to see we still get some cool new users on here!

I think it's going to be 'right after' at best, but i hope soon :)

I really hope you are right!

If a user cannot perform an action then it should be made immediately clear that they lack RCs and how they can remedy that. Various people will donate SP to those who really need it, including myself. 50 SP should be plenty to run an account without the scope for real abuse.

It should be immediately clear and I have seen a message pop-up in the past when i was testing a new account, but last night I ran out of RCs following people with a new account and didn't get a notification.

Separating RC's from SP and being able to plug them into new accounts will hopefully be the turning point for on-boarding - I just wish it happened 10 months ago.

I like that you show support to those that seemed lost but like you said..

you can't blame these accounts for becoming 'tired' - the owners have their own account and lives to lead

We do have a life outside Steemand trying to balance ourselves seems harder than ever

Thank you @ireenchew :)

Yes, balance is tough, even tougher when you are managing multiple lives, i mean accounts :)

Are you well copromised with steem ciert?

It's nice to see that there are collaborative initiatives!

I'm not 100% sure what you mean?

I don't think I've been compromised recently, but one morning i did wake up with discomfort round the back area.

You're working hard for the blockchain!

In my community you don't see that kind of support.

Thanks :)

There is much taking place at present, Steemit inc @steemitblog are working hard it seems.

I've done that too. It's great to give them the chance not to give up. I am looking forward to the RC delegation though. That will be even better. I hope this one goes better than my last one which I pulled when they posted nothing more ever again, which was quite bizarre

Good man. Yeah delegating just the RCs, either personally or having the on-boarding process do it (automatically) could be Steem's savior pity it'll be at least a year after the starter credits were pulled!

Bit of a kick in the face having your delegation retire without another word!

I know, I just ran a steemreport to see where my delegations were at and saw one that I had done a while ago and checked it out and NADA! Not a peep from them at all and they had badgered me on Facebook for an account and everything!!

Anyway, still had to be done.

It will be good to have a use for all them RC's!!

Damn badgerers :(

RC's coming out of me ears. Claiming accounts is the only purpose for having a couple of hundred SP worth in your account, and so if you don't have enough to do that but are safely over the minimum - that's a huge pool doing naff all at present.

Yeah, I think I have only claimed about five then I couldn't be bothered :0)

Hehe, I think it was from you that I originally got that link!!

Can't let all the big boys have them!

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Greetings friend @abh12345.

Steem maintains the initial delegation of 15 SP for new users. I think they should increase this number. What would be the negative consequences for steem? I think none. On the contrary we would have more active users from the first moment.

Perhaps the intention of keeping the RCs limited for the new accounts is to press for them to buy SP. But the new user needs to know steemit before investing. So with 15 SP there is not much you can experience.

All delegation initiatives should be applauded. Especially those that do not do so with the intention of having passive SP, but with the intention of helping others to grow and support them in their first steps.

All best, Piotr.

Posts like these were often hard to find but I have actually seen an improvement lately and I think it is related to some of the Tribes that have started. I would definitely love to take my curation efforts to the next level and delegate a couple of million RCs if I am able to every week!