Have not been posting on Steemit/Partiko/eSteem

in rant •  7 months ago 

Crypto prices are depressed. And I havent been posting anything on this platform for quite some days.

Thought I'd just use some of my RC today....

I've been looking at POS running on Android/cloud with scanner

And having friends in town also take up some time.. so I havent been talkative on Steemit.

THis is just a random post.. of thoughts and photos... THis one is public art taken at Bedok Mall in Singapore

Thanks my supporters... @c0ff33a , @broncnutz, @quotes-haven, @kunschj, @culgin, @johndoer123, @oldstrongman, @old-guy-photos just to name a few.. there are so many more !! heheh. thanks for stopping by

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I'm also posting less frequently these days, partially due to personal reasons but also because I am not sure what the upcoming HF21 will bring. It is hard to predict what will the effect be though I will like to believe it's going to be good overall

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I'm still hanging in with my one post a day pretty much. The more rewards I claim, the lower the balance in my wallet though. It would be nice to see Steem looking up again.