You are Not the Centre of Universe

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< rant >

You are the centre of your own universe, but it doesn’t mean the world (where other people exist) revolves around you.

I’m sick of this new trend where every person thinks everyone else has to cater to their specific fucked up needs and wants, and preferably cheap. So selfish.

Do you not understand that it’s impossible and/or very expensive to make everything available to every size, shape, colour, texture, sexual preference, height, disability, taste AND wallet? Most things are mass produced and it takes time and money to make different variables, and you are not willing to pay the extra cost are you now?

Yeah sometimes I’m pissed off when the clothes I want only have fat sizes available, but I’m not gonna go out and send an email to the company saying that they are discriminating against me. Seems to me that big people are angry customers and the most vocal in social media, so these clothing companies try to cater to them more to shut them up.

I’ve talked to some jean sales personnel over the years and they always say that they only get a few of the smallest sizes and they always sell out first. I don’t know why the companies do this, but tough luck. These days there are so many options online and email notification so you can pretty much get what ever you want if you really search for it.

I don’t understand this current climate where all companies need to be politically and socially responsible on how you feel. They are in the business to make money, selling something they want to make. They are not your parents, babysitter or a therapist, stop treating them like that.

I find it funny when people are celebrating brands that are finally making bigger sized clothing and using chubby models, when it’s all just business. The brands have added up the numbers and seen that okay, there is now an X percentage of sizes xl to xxxl that are interested in our clothes, and it’s way higher than 10 years ago, now it will be profitable to start mass producing these clothes for them too. The brands are not ”more inclusive” or ”socially conscious”, they just want your money. It’s just business baby, you ain’t special my little snowflake.

If at some point it gets really hard for me to find suitable anything, then I have to make said thing myself, or pay someone to specially make it to my preferences. If you are not in the major paying demographic of a certain product, in that size and colour, then it's not profitable to produce it. And that’s fair, because it's not about ME or YOU, it'a about averages. That's democracy and it means everyone is a little upset. (:

If you don’t like what someone is selling, don’t buy it. Don’t like their customer service or their brand image, don’t use them. There are millions of companies to choose from. I can’t think of any company that has a monopoly so big (other than Alko, the only liquor store in Finland) that you would absolutely have to buy from them.

Take your money where you want, and stop being such a fucking little BITCH!

< / rant >


I just don't know how this will end dude!
These motherfuckers are all so sensitive about anything!

Ugh, I really loathe sensitive people, they are like babies but not cute and innocent.

Tell me about it!!!

People will find an excuse to complain about most everything. It's sad. You're absolutely spot on about the market; if it will make money, then it will be done/manufactured/sold/serviced. If not, it won't.

As a whole, people are strange.

I like to complain about people being stupid, that doesn’t take much imagination, plenty of material to go around.

You lost me at

You are Not the Centre of Universe

Anyway, I struggle to find jeans long enough which I don't have to support with a belt. I'm not mad, just planning to move to a country where all i'll need is Speedos.

Same, and I’m not even that tall! I don’t think the majority of aduls are fat midgets are they?

I like your plan, that’s the kind of creative problem solving we need more in this planet.

Not sure, but there are seemingly not that man with a 32 inch waist at 188 cms tall!

I think my plan is solid - saving materials and tanning the cheeks.

You that tall? Have you grown in the last two years?

Why not just go full nude, I don’t think speedo tan lines are the rage.

In heels :P Yes I am that tall!

I'll be saving full nudity for those type of beaches, it's been a long time since the ass has felt the warmth of the sun :(

My ass was sunbathing today in the balcony 😊

Good on you! Any photo evidence knocking around, or do i need to ask the neighbours?

I think the older this world gets, the fragile people get emotionally

True that.

Oh friend you have no idea how much I agree.

Great minds ❤️


This photo reminded me of the Street Fighter video game when Honda attacked with the Hundred Hand Slap! 😂

Hahaha I’ll happily give a slap to those deserving 😝