Post turtles, a rant.

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If there’s one thing that makes me crazy, it’s post turtles swanning around expecting the red carpet treatment wherever they go. They can’t simply go from A to B, oh no, they have to travel in a cavalcade with police outriders stopping traffic, so these more than mere mortals, high above us in the pecking order, can make their way unhindered by the great unwashed.

post turtles (3).jpg

Lavish banquets on the public purse, endless junkets to foreign parts, Air BNB anyone? No, of course not. It’s a 3,000 euro a night room in the Beau-Rivage, thank you very much, while citizens sleep in tents on the street.

tents on canal mt streetIMG_20181020_142042178_HDR (2).jpg

Dáil Éireann (Irish parliament) is being renovated at the moment and, I was reading today that Seanad Éireann, the upper house, has to be rehoused in the National Museum, but not before the installation of a 500,000 euro LIFT! What? Couldn’t they have been rehoused to a building where there was already an elevator?

The arrogance of these wastrels is astounding. But why wouldn’t it be? They’re in one of the only professions where to get the job you need bugger all training or experience of anything, and then you’re handed a pot of public money to throw around. Even better, like the magic porridge pot, it keeps on filling up. How wonderful is that?

And if you make a big boo boo and spend 60 million on a scheme to surveil the public which is later deemed unlawful, as happened in Ireland last week, do you lose your job, your pension, your expense account? Nah, of course not. Sure the people can afford it.

It’s a fine life spending other people’s money!

Written in response to @mariannewest's freewrite challenge before realising the prompt was red curtain and not red carpet!

First image stolen from somewhere...Martin Armstrong's blog I think
Second image is my own.

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That is exactly why all politicians should have term limits. Here we have senators who have been around for 30+ years who are now millionaires while their districts have only deteriorated during that time.

That's certainly a problem and there are plenty of political dynasties here too, but I think you somehow have to remove from politics the vast monetary rewards that incentivise greed. I haven't got any answers to offer but I do think we should be trying other systems because the one we have is broken.

Got plenty of that here in Malaysia the commonwealth. Combine all the ministers and their extend families with the royal families and you’re sure to see the police escort to make downtown dinner reservations... magic porridge for all ! Hooray 😁 🥣

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Yeah, the same system forever and everywhere, though they might call it by different names to give us some illusion of choice.

Indeed the illusion of choice has the masses under a spell..

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Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

I can't but agree. We live in a world of abundance. We shouldn't have to pay to live.

Why so dirty? Specially do not clean?

Dirty? Moi? I assure you I have a bath once a year whether I need it or not!

I talked about the street in the photo.

I know sweetie. I was only pulling your leg;)
Those are leaves on the ground, not dirt.

  ·  last year (edited)

I wrote about this. Don't wipers have to sweep leaves?
It seems to me that the tracks are dusty and have not been washed for a long time. Or is it an optical illusion? It seems some things are covered with cellophane. The feeling that the grass is wild, and not a lawn planting city landscaping services. Hence my surprise.
How often is the road washed there?

I fear my photography skills leave a lot to be desired!
As to raking up leaves and washing roads, I don't think the city council bothers with that. We have so much wind and rain, the leaves are blown away and the roads are washed by the weather.

I’m amazed at people renting out their homes and living in tents for the term.

I wasn't aware people were doing that. Where did you come across that happening?

This happens sometimes that people want to make a bit of money and rent their apartment or house for a week or night to tourists and find somewhere else to stay. That’s what I thought was happening when I saw the tents but now that I read it again I misunderstood. can't live without them and yet ... "living without them" what a pleasant thought! )))

I think that's what they want us to believe, but have we ever tried? I'd be game to try a different way as this one sure as hell doesn't work.

Horizontal connections?

Care to enlighten me?

Well, a verticle power structure is we have prime minister/president/king on top, then cabinet of ministers, or senate and congress, etc. then it trickles down as smaller and smaller power structures within states, cities: police, DMV, school districts, blah, blah, blah...

The horizontal power structure is essentially none of this, but only the connections between businesses and people. Example of horizontal connections would be E-lance that connects clients in the US with programmers and designers in India, China, Ukraine, Europe, etc.

Horizontal sounds just the job. Voluntary association, no rule by force.

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Hi partner. I have a migraine from hell so I can;t help today. So sorry.

Rest your head and don't fret. It's not busy anyway and I'll have them done in no time. Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks Hun! Hugs! Let me know if you want a day off next week.

Hi sweetie, hope you're fine and dandy. I'm working from the bottom up today so all being well I'll see you centre(ish).
Edit: Hope you're ok and just fell asleep. I motored on through and finished them. Toodle pips.
2nd edit: And now I'm beginning to get concerned:(

OMG! I am so sorry! I got my days mixed up because of Labor Day. But I have been really sick for the past month, including my migraines but not because of my migraines, and I have only posted twice in the past 2 weeks. I was finally beginning to feel better when I had to deal with a catastrophe 2 weekends ago which made me sick all over again. Hopefully I will be of some help to you next week. I am so sorry Hun! Thanks for your concern. HUGS! Hopefully I will be posting soon about my catastrophe and that will bring you up to date. Hope all is well with you.

No worries atall atall m'dear. It was very quiet on the aul prompt front anyway so I sped through them.
Very sorry to read your tale of consternation and woe and glad you're feeling better.

I hated that I wasn't able to help for 2 weeks in a row. I still feel bad, especially last week because of me getting my days mixed up. If for some reason you don't hear from me, leave me at least 4 freewrites and I will get to them eventually.
Thanks again Hun for everything! : )

Ha! I love that perfect description of a politician deirdyweirdy! They ARE a disgusting lot and I think they are the same in every country.