Hard weeks and getting through

in #random2 months ago

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working to the limit of sanity. I haven't had this base level of stress since engineering school many years ago.

Even 12 months ago when I had two major clients get up and leave within 2 weeks leaving me with no active opportunities and a baby on the way wasn't this bad.

This morning when I was making my coffee and I poked a hole in the filter as I was doing the initial stir (critical step to help release trapped gas in the ground coffee).

I just started laughing, not a happy laugh at first, just the nervous WTF is happening one, but after a few seconds it started to lighten up and I felt better.

I double filtered kept making my coffee and now I'm at my desk actually feeling a bit less dread about starting the day.

This is not to say that just a laugh solved anything, but it did help to put some of my stress in perspective. I have my coffee so life can't be that bad ;)


Hello @noloafing

I guess the fact that you didn't loaf around and continued making your coffee, with the ability to see the humorous side of the error, made your day - less stress and a nice cuppa.☕️
😁 You deserve it!
Have a fantastic day 🤗

Hello @noloafing

Thanks for joining us and giving us a great story.
Wishing you a lovely weekend!