WINNERS of the I Card Creation Contest for the game Rada Quest TCG

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The time has come to select the winner of the illustration contest for Rada Quest ->

First of all I wanted to say that it has been a bit disappointing to see the low participation. Rada Quest is a project with very little visibility on Steem yet. I am working to publicize this project, but I apologize for the poor results. It is a difficult road.


These have been the entries to the contest (in order of presentation):

Sailens Bright Ice, by @arkmy

Sacerdotisa Profetizadora, by @edithbdraw

(Unknown witch) by @yanes94

...and the winner is...


The unknown witch, by @yanes94!

Yanes has managed to perfectly capture the spirit of Rada Quest cards. I liked the colors and the character very much. Her drawing came just at the last moment due to problems with the power supply and internet outages, but it came. We will give this witch a name later, but it will surely be on one of Rada's cards.

The prize:

  • Corel Painter 2019. 1 lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices.
  • ParticleShop plugin. 1 lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices.
  • Brush Pack - Animation
  • Brush Pack - Concept Design
  • Brush pack - Superheroes
  • Brush pack - Manga
  • 50 TARUK staked
  • 100 BATTLE staked
  • 100 GG staked

The second prize will go to @edithbdraw.

She has done a great job of photocomposition and postproduction with this creation. Unfortunately, it cannot be a game card; She has used some third-party resources that need to be cited and linked in compliance with the use licenses and we cannot do that in the game.

The prize:

  • PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate. 1 Lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices. Free 1 year subscription to Parallels Toolbox included.
  • PhotoMirage Express. 1 lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices.
  • AfterShot 3 for PaintShop Pro. 1 lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices.
  • GRFX Studio for PaintShop Pro. 1 lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices.
  • 50 TARUK staked
  • 100 BATTLE staked
  • 100 GG staked

I hope these awards help them in their artistic career!

Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render



Congrats @yanes94 on your beautiful creation! Surely she will be a powerful presence in the mystical land of Rada 🔮

@edithbdraw and @arkmy, also great entrants into the contest!

Thanks @battlegames, I was thinking of making other designs for Rada and I hope you like those designs too. ;)

That's amazing!

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hehehehe I hope it looks amazing and you can use them in the game. ;)

Congratulations @yanes94 and @edithbdraw , well deserved prizes for your great job.

@yanes95 if your card will be in RadaQuest officially, one day you should make the EXT version of your witch. Don't worry, you have months to do it.

If you two have any doubt about Taruk, ask me!

Btw... @radaquest WHERE'S MY BIG HUG??!!!!

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hahahahaha que lindos. XD

hehehehe I went up one level, right? I don't mean the prize but from yanes94 you raised me to 95. LOL

Thank you for your congratulations and continued support dear @arkmy ... Would you be so nice to get me out of a small doubt?... but that is a secret between us nothing more, what is that ... of the EXT version?

hehehehehe don't ask for more hugs... with how excited I am to have won I give you millions of hugs, clarification. virtual hugs XD

@yanes94 (95) No hay de qué. Te explico.

Las cartas de rada se dividen en normales y versión extendida (EXT). Cada carta "normal" tiene su versión EXT. Es el mismo personaje pero como más agresivo(?) piensa en ello como si fuera una evolución pokemon.

Y gracias por los abrazos digitales, pero tantos noooo 😲😂

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hehehehehe ok... disculpa mi ignorancia, eso del (EXT) es super!!!

Ya me llegan varias ideas de como podría hacer la versión extendida. XD

De nada y no te preocupes que mucho dulce empalaga, solo dos abrazos y ya. lol

Eso!! Además estoy a régimen jajaja 😂

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No vale cariño, o si?... tal vez un poco. hehehehe

Claro que si 😹

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Congratulations @arkmy, @yanes94 and @edithbdraw @radaquest felicitaciones

Thank you very much @sacra97. ;)

Thanks for the contest! I hope the project grows! 🧡

Congrats! Your prizes have been sent!

WOW!!!! Super excited with this award and very grateful to @radaquest and Marcos for creating this contest and allowing me to participate and well, thank you very much for choosing my work. XD

Congratulations to @edithbdraw for winning the second prize. ;)

And finally, why does this project have so little support from powerful Steemians? when SteemMonsters came to light it was a lot of fuss but with Rada Quest the thing is very different... it is a doubt nothing more.

Cuando salió SM, el juego estaba casi listo, tardaron muy poco en sacarlo (desde que lo anunciaron por primera vez).

A Rada Quest le quedan meses de desarrollo, supongo que cuando haya mucha más información del juego y que empiece a ser jugable, llamará más la atención. Es difícil que te guste algo que no has visto o no existe aún.

Pero también estoy sorprendido de que no tenga mucho apoyo de los "poderosos". Aquí he visto juegos desarrollandose que en pocos días han recibido ayuda de los "grandes" y atrayendo bastante gente.

Yo también me pregunto por qué no es tan exitoso aún... Guess we have to wait and see...

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Realmente es una lastima ya que es buen proyecto y al ser parte de la cadena de bloques de Steem debería tener todo el apoyo posible... pero bueh, esperemos a ver y ojala empiece a recibir todo el apoyo que merece y así el juego sea todo un éxito.