Rada Quest (Trading Card Game) Newsletter for Investors and Gamers - Week #8

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Financial report

We have reached the goal! 1000 ENG ready to activate the TARUK stake. Almost everything is ready.

Reminder: The distribution of benefits of the game will be carried out among the owners of TARUK tokens in stake.

Unfortunately, at the present time, the income only comes from the early sale of TARUK, curations in supported communities and sale of illustrations from the web. Until the game is released we will not be able to enjoy higher incomes.


Game development

During this week I have already been working on the game's UI. In addition, in my constant search for new skills and new tools, I have attended a programming course with Phaser 3. It has been an exciting experience. I think I've learned a good handful of techniques that will make the wait for the game's release shorter.

Today I have been testing the code integration with the Steem KeyChain tool successfully. I really love that tool. I don't rule out using Steemconnect too, but if I didn't like it before, with the latest update, I like it even less. It may be safer, but it is more uncomfortable (imo).


Only for testing purposes...


New Card: Zaede Purple Storm

Warriors and healers will be the main pieces of our deck. Hmm, ok; Taruk the serf and his horde of thieves will also be very important. But in the heat of battle, it will be sword and sorcery that tip the scales.

Zaede is a sorceress willing to help her allies with all the power of her magic and her potions of strength and healing. Do not lose sight of her; Maybe your victory depends on her!

Potions! Potions! Potions!
I like that word.
Potions for everybody!


Created by Marcos DK (@marcosdk) for Rada Quest TCG

All the illustrations are on sale in https://radaquest.net/shop/
You can purchase them in Ultra-High Definition and pay with Steem/BSD or through PayPal.


Invest in Rada Quest TCG

If you haven't read our White Paper yet, you can do it here: Rada Quest White Paper

You can help this project develop by buying our items for sale, such as illustrations, available through our website https://radaquest.net. But you can also be an investor buying TARUK tokens (wait for stake). Go to Steem-Engiene MarketPlace. All the benefits of the game will be shared among the owners of the tokens in stake.

Special TARUK offers in https://radaquest.net/product-category/tokens/

Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render




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Thank you so much, I very appreciate it!

It's my pleasure

Everyone will want to have that letter!

pd: success in this great project

Thanks a lot @yonnathang!

Looks interesting, just registered.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Hermosa guerrera, Zaede Purple Storm, estupenda adquisición para el mundo mágico de @radaquest, que cada día se ve mas nutrido y concurrido. por aqui apoyándote siempre, @marcosdk, tu trabajo es excelente y talentoso, nos consta del esfuerzo que vienes poniéndole, pronto veremos ese mundo mágico desplegarse en todo su esplendor. Te abrazo de vuelta!.

Muchas gracias @marybellrg :)

Una hermosura de hechicera Tormenta púrpura de Zaede, van creciendo las cartas y todas tienen especio y cabida en este mundo @radaquest mágico @marcosdk a seguir manejando ese mundo financiero que estoy segura que pronto saldran cosas buenas.

Gracias por todo tu apoyo @sacra97!

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I didn't know of this game...

sounds promising, and as a proficient crypto gaming author I simply must check it out.

Will read about it now.