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Rada Quest, the fantasy universe by Marcos DK

Rada Quest is the name of a fantasy novel written by Marcos DK and will be published on the Steem blockchain in chapters. The universe projected in the novel is large and suitable for other types of formats such as video games, animated shorts, illustrations, etc.

Rada Quest (Trading Card Game) is a project derived from the book. It is a real-time strategy game and collectible cards. The game is still under development, but you can see some of the illustrations that will appear on the game cards by following this account.

TARUK is a token linked to the Steem blockchain, owned by @marcosdk and managed from the Steem-Engine service. The Taruk Token has been created with the purpose of financing both the Rada Quest project and to be used in in-game purchases.

The Rada Quest team has two accounts on the Steem blockchain with strong voting power in several communities (@radaquest and @taruk), thanks to which they can support for other users' publications and, at the same time, will improve the presence of the project among the communities. These are the communities currently supported (communities mainly oriented to video games and creative activities):

Revenue from the Rada Quest project

Project revenues will come from several sources:

  • Sale of TARUKs.
  • Sale of merchandise from the game and/or the book, as illustrations.
  • In-game purchases, such as card packs or other game items.
  • Publications of the gaming accounts on Steemit (or communities) by @radaquest and @taruk.
  • Curations for supporting communities on Steem by the specific accounts.

Rada Quest project costs

Some expenses are foreseen, such as those detailed:

  • Hosting and servers for web page and online game (https://radaquest.net/).
  • Payments to project partners (illustrators, developers, etc.).

Income and benefits distribution

Benefits will be shared, after paying expenses, among staked TARUK token holders (stakeholders).

  • Rada Quest should not be confused with a Ponzi system. This would be the case if the benefits to be distributed among the stakeholders came exclusively from the sale of Tokens to new stakeholders. As explained, the sources of income are multiple. However, the income obtained from the sale of tokens will be distributed in this way: 25% for reinvestment in the supported communities and increase voting power, and 75% in the distribution of benefits to stakeholders.
  • The rest of the income will be distributed proportionally among stakeholders.

For prevention of abuse and loss of ROI, the project owner agrees not to stake more than 50-51% of the total staked tokens. The owner will only stake in the @marcosdk account.

Stake planning and token release

When the stake be available, @marcosdk will make the first stake for an initial amount of 1,000 TARUKS.

When the amount is matched by private investors, @marcosdk will add to its stake, prior to dividend distributions, the amount necessary to maintain 50-51%.

Currently 100,000 units of the TARUK token have been issued. When the market demands it and to avoid inflation due to lack of supply, more tokens will be released periodically in lots of 10,000 units.


Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render


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Maravillosos proyectos de una bella y pujante comunidad que avanza a pasos gigantes y llegará a la cima, muy cerquita estamos aqui apoyándolos siempre. Les dejo mi cariño y un gran abrazo. Todos a seguir a @radaquest. Reesteem y un abrazo! @marcosdk

Muchas gracias!

Greetings, @radaquest

This game looks like a lots of fun here on steem blockchain

thank you for share with us!!!

#palnet #spt #steemleo #battle #steemace

Thank you!

Nice I can't wait for the game, hopefully it comes out soon.

Thank you!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks for the additional information on your project!

Perfect and resteem for let them know about @radaquest 👍

Thank you @jodipamungkas!

This sounds interesting. I'm following you to keep up with the project.

Thank you for your interest!

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Muchas gracias!

@radaquest, Great to know that this game is inspired by a Novel. We are really excited to see this game. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Thank you for your interest!


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Apoyando el proyecto en cada nueva creación, en cada paso de creación y buenos propositos @radaquest

Muchas gracias!

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I've been wondering about these tokens and had a look at the site the other day.

Is the game ready to go?

Thank you! The game is still in development.