My Weird Food Cravings When I Am Bored

in #r2cornell2 months ago

This is just a sample of the weird things I crave when I am bored. Yesterday was a Tuesday and it's always been a boring day for me, Tuesdays. I should call it Boring Tuesdays. It is very unlikely to have something significant to happen on a Tuesday, based on my experience. I just went on with whatever I felt like I want on this day and afternoon came, I looked for green mangoes and opened my jar of kimchi and a jar of fermented anchovies. Yes, the kimchi and the anchovies stink like most fermented stuff. Kimchi is fermented veggies, yep!


The flavors were so extremes my bored taste buds love them. The Kimchi was spicy hot, the anchovies was salty and the green mangoes are so sour it makes you close your eyes and look stupid. It gives you a better vibe than bored though. Thanks to weird foods.