Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #105// preparing hayacas

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Hi friends

This is my entry to the tasty #Tuesday contest, initiated by friend @qurator.

I show the ingredients to prepare hayacas:

I love to eat, there are so many dishes that I like, but in particular I am going to tell you about my favorite, typical of the holiday parties and one of the most recognized and elaborate dishes that is presented in Venezuelan cuisine is the famous "la Hayaca". This culinary masterpiece is the most traditional of the dishes that decorate the Christmas festivities, accompanied by chicken salad, leg and ham bread.

In December when the Christmas holidays overflow the joy of the Venezuelan, the hallaca is an important part of the celebration, they are exchanged, given away, sold ... in short, in the Christmas parties for the Venezuelan you can not miss the exquisite hallaca .

I like this dish because in addition it is tasty, we all help in its preparation, the moment is special and exciting, since each member of the family puts their grain of sand, chop the dressings, wash the leaves, make the stew and the dough, tie with the pabilo thread and prepare them before boiling and serving, we put music (bagpipes) and drinking some beers all in family joy. It is quite a process as you will notice because it is not easy to prepare hallacas requires with a work team and that it is better for that group to be the family, that is why I like to find them because we prepare or help everyone and also that we have that share once year.

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hayacas son sabrosas.

a todos nos encantan
es el plato tipico de la navidad en las mesas de la familia

esto es lo máximo, todo se ve tan rico y sabroso