First 5 minute freewrite! Black tea...

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I always see the 5-minute freewrite around and I have been meaning to participate but know I am not much of a writer. I do like to try most things on steem at least once so I decided to give it a try. Oh boy! The time flew by and I must admit it was much more fun than I expected. The words just popped out and I made a ton of spelling mistakes, luckily fixing them is not part of the 5 minutes we have.

5 Minute Freewrite is hosted by @mariannewest and more details can be found by clicking HERE.

Black Tea

Black was the sky and cold was the night as my feet didn't want to take me any further. Has it really been the end of the line for me? Did it take 9 years to finally break free of the 4 walls that surrounded me? Only now to give up and never see the sunrise again. The last thing I remembered was them saying that no one ever escaped, alive. Over the walls and into the ground among the bushes, never another sunrise.

The poisoned has finally filled my lungs and I know that even if I make it to her, I might be too late for the antidote. The only thing that will bring me back to life...

As I took my last step before I could hear myself hitting the ground, painlessly loud. I closed my eyes and accepted my fate. Just then I could hear feet hitting the sand softly and a distant splash, a jar full of life. It was black tea...

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Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!



I love your freewrite! Welcome to freewriting. Warning.... it's addictive!

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Thank you! I was quite judgy with my work and not sure if it is any good or made any sense. Glad someone liked it =) I must admit it might be, I am already ready for the next one. =P Thanks for the warm welcome!

It's great! You did very well! I"m so happy to have you writing with us!
It's cool the way the words just come out isn't it? You might want to try themostdangerouswriting app, but most don't dare. You'll see. lol
Check out what is happening in the wewrite division of freewritehouse too. this week;s deadline is tonight, so perhaps next week will be an opportunity for you.

Thank you! I was quite curious if I would even get a response, this one was so warm and welcome.

It is pretty cool, but also a little stressful, knowing you have to finish so fast =P

I'll check out the app and see what it is all about, think I did hear about it before.

So wewrite is like the 5 min freewrite but a bit longer?

There's no time limit on wewrites. Some people freewrite them, but I spend a couple days on them.

Interesting. I don't think I will do a few days on something, yet. But I might give it a go this weekend. Thanks for keeping me posted. Always difficult keeping track of everything.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!

Also, don't forget to read the latest posts from our new page

Click the graphic to join in the fun!

THIS! I really like this. Some people will be annoyed by a reminder but my mind is normally so scattered that I don't mind reminders. I will get on this ASAP!

Thank you!

@scrooger Tea is a good pick me upper, nice story.

Appreciate it! I am more of a coffee man myself but had fun writing this =)

@scrooger I have to start my day with coffee, then it is iced tea.

I just go with coffee right through the day. It is huge here in South Korea. Coffee everywhere and sometimes the coolest/strangest combos

@scrooger I like hot coffee but in Florida, it is too hot to drink it all-day also it is hard to keep it hot on a boat all day, even in a thermos it gets cool, so I drink iced tea or lemonade.

On a boat? Tell me more!

Here in Korea, they love their tea and coffee hot or cold. You can find cans of the stuff all over and any convenience store

@scrooger they have coffee and tea in all the convenience store her also. I said on a boat because that is my job, I fish for a living.

Hi, @scrooger!

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Look at you saying you are not a writer!!! See what happens when you lift all the restrictions from your mind and just go for it! Love it!!

Hehehe, appreciate it. Yeah, it just spills out, it was so fun that I am thinking of doing this with one of my classes to see what they come up with. =) Thanks for hosting this!

You are welcome 😀

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