5 Minute Freewrite! Sugar Cubes

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This will be my 3rd freewrite and I think I am getting the hang of it! I almost couldn't finish this one but I managed. This one's tone is a little lighter than the previous two! Enjoy

5 Minute Freewrite is hosted by @mariannewest and more details can be found by clicking HERE.

Sugar Cubes

Another Sunday and another hand full of sugar cubes vanishing in thin air. Except they didn't really vanish. As the family came in and sat down on Gramp's extra squeaky sofa the kids always stayed on their feet and went about the house or garden. All but one.

Derick was always one to stick around for a few minutes and once things have quietened down and the tea and coffee were delivered he would sneak to the kitchen. Nobody but Gramps knew exactly why. He knew from day one and didn't really mind much, Derick was a good boy. Gramps could always see his reflection in one of the little glass cabinets. Helping himself to a few cubes of the sweet stuff.

Gramps didn't mind, but one day while he was feeling a little bit more active than normal he decided to use Grammy's milk powder and some water to somehow form some square cubes. Roughly the size of a sugar cube. It took him no more than an hour to make at least a dozen of them. Carefully placing them in the sugar jar.

His grin was particularly big that afternoon when he heard the family car finally pulling up in the driveway.

I wanted to add some more but as I looked at the clock and saw half a minute I rushed to finish. This was way more fun than I thought it would be.

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Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!



So happy to see you freewriting, @scrooger! Keep going, you are a natural :)

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 15/25 - need recharge?)

Thanks a ton for the extra curation. =)

Yeah, the writing turned out to be way more fun than I thought it would. =)

It's great place to get out a daily post, make friends and develop skills. So glad you are there now and glad to send the tipu :)

It is indeed great for a daily post, without feeling like you are forcing it too much. This is honestly fun!

I appreciate that you are always so active and involved in everything. Stay that way =)

Hahaha oh naughty naughty!!
Writing for your experience? :D

I will not confirm nor deny that anything like this ever happened to me =P

Of course! ;)

Neat story @scrooger, I don't think @mariannewest would have scolded you for a few extra seconds

Thanks! Most likely not, but I am pretty strict with myself so I want to stick to the rules.

I certainly understand that "being strict with myself" thing.
I've been told I am "anal" about telling the truth, and
I've lost friends and jobs because I try habitually
To not lie or be deceptive. But in this case,
She would have never know. You would
have.Be well and keep steemin'
@scrooger my friend

Well written @scrooger, so Derick was sneaky but Gramp's was sneakier still, they sure was related, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Hehe, sneakier indeed!

I like your curation project and daily editions, doing good work highlighting the right people.

Qurator might send some delegation to you later today to help out a little. ;)

Thanks @scrooger, and thank you very much for the delegation, it has arrived and been included, and keep creating awesome content.

@scrooger Occasionally doing a crazy game is fine. Cheer

Fine indeed, we all have to have some fun, right? =P

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