And the winner for best hairstyle is...

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For this week's @qurator's Photo Friday Competition, back to one of my favourite photo themes: wildlife! And in what concerns fabulous hair, these guys steal the show. I think I've talked about this species before, but can't resist to share a few more photos. The toque macaque, Macaca sinica, is a primate endemic to Sri Lanka, where this photo was taken.


I only found them in the upper part of the country; this photo was taken near Sigiriya, where this young monkey stood near the stairs to one of the temples, doing some tourist-watching. The fact that they are so used to human presence gives us good opportunities to close-up photos.


I just love how cool their hair is!! And I think they are proud of it too! Here they are, during a grooming session:


I think this kind of hair is unique in the Macaca genus... but if you know about other primates with hair like this, do share the information; would love to know about them!


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These pictures are awesome. I wish I could hang out with some monkeys.

Thanks! Well, a trip to Asia... and wish granted, they'll be almost everywhere! 😉

Winner of innocent face aswell 😊😊

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Ahahah it's just the face, nothing innocent about these guys! 😉

Wow, another great nature lover and photographer, hehe ^^ .. That's a funny haircut indeed, hehe :) .. They all have such funny expressions and reminded me really closely to us humans.. The second one look a bit like my old history teacher 😁.. Funny post, thanks for making me smile 👍

The second one look a bit like my old history teacher

Ahahahahah Now it's my turn to thanks for the smile! 🤣 🤣