Qurator's Photo Quest | Elder !!

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We all assume that getting old is ugly but this is not always the case beauty in old age can be beautiful depending on how you care for yourself in the early stages of your life by caring for your well being health wise is the most important factor the saying goes you will look and be in what you eat during your life , eating healthy is essential for the beauty of the body and of course love and joy all goes hand in hand feeling good about yourself is what beauty of growing old is all about.

These black and white photos go back many years when i visited the home town in Italy were my parents were born and sadly to say all the people in these photos whom i am related to have all passed away.

This first photo was my beautiful Grandmother my mom's mother who , i got to see when i was a little boy in her home village of Italy she was such a loving and gentle lady passing away peacefully at the of 102 years old. Till we meet again God bless you Grandma... RIP 💖


Next up is my awesome Father and best friend he was just the best taught me a lot and bought me up to what i am today he always told me to love and respect people and today that has made me a better person. My Dad as most Italian's loved growing there own grapes and making there own wines and my Dad did make one of the best home made red wines that would knock you to the ground with a couple of glasses. He sadly left this Earth 12 years ago dearly missed and i miss his red wine. I am sure he is making the best red wine in heaven 😉




He was a fun loving person and love having a good times 💖


Now i like to introduce to you one of my favorite uncle's who was my mom's brother one funny happy going human being i could never get enough laughs with him one of the most funniest person , i ever meant and such a gentlemen. Sadly missed and am sure he is bringing a few laughs in the gate of heaven's.



And this last photo was just a random photo i took of this old lady on the streets of Vietnam in Hanoi when i visited the country a couple of years ago she was looking a little confused why i was taking her photo.



Qurator's Photo Quest | Elder by @qurator






These photos are beautiful memories of your family members. We miss them so much when our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles pass on.

Thank you @redheadpei this is true and it's always your favorite grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles that pass on first 😥

Nice photos and more beautiful memories 💟
I didn't know your parents were born in Italy. It is a country that is calling my attention... it would be interesting if we could go back in time now and get to know the time in which our grandparents lived (when they were young).

Thank you @mipiano yes very wonderful memories sometimes i wish they were still around. Yep both my parents born in Italy but i was born in Australia when they migrated but i have been to Italy a few times to catch up with cousins and uncle's truly a beautiful country to explore.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency 👍

Beautiful photos! Looking at old photos always gives me sadness.

Thank you @ssygmr , i know the feeling especially when they are not with you anymore 😥

Hi Max @kohsamui99, just read your blog now, I dunno at first she's your grandmother. I love all your photos and the history behind them. Awesome stories to know about your family, thanks for sharing. I don't have any old photos with me, so what I have was only the current ones, cheers, ainie99

I only knew my grandmother when i was at a young age and i can still remember how funny and happy she really was when she wasn't worrying about others i wish i could of spend more time with her 😥

My grandmother passed away when I was very young and I did not also get the chance to know her. But she was also a very kind and caring lady. I understand how you must've felt, same here. We are growing older by the day and will become elder soon hahahaha :D

It's always the kind beautiful ones that leave this earth to early but we will all meet again some where in this universe one day and as you say we all get older by the day so enjoy every moment my dear friend 😉

Yes, life is so short and precious, we must enjoy every second of it. and most importantly life is so unpredictable, we cannot know what will happen in the next few minutes. So we must enjoy every second, cheers my dear friend.

Exactly right my friend love and enjoy every precious moment with your loved ones 😉

I thought the lady in the last photo doesn't look Italian ;)
Your dad looks very nice and simpatico and I the photos show a lot of fun and happiness. Certainly you have countless great memories of your family.
It's sad when beloved people go, but we all have to go one day and who knows, maybe we all will meet again :)

Cheers and !BEER

Haha ... she could be a mix of Vietnamese and Italian you never know these days 😆😆

Indeed my Dad was that very simpatico and i miss him dearly there were many good times had but as you say we all need to depart this world some day and maybe all meet in a free virus world 👍

Yeah, you never know these days, my mother is about half Italian too 😁

One day we will know what happens when we close our eyes for the last time 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

So true... it's the only way we are going to know because no one has ever come back to let us know what to expect...lol 😆🚀

... and nobody believes the ones who say they have been there and have come back 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Haha...this is true and we think they either crazy or weird 😆

I don't hope so, but if it should ever happen to me that I come back, you may believe me, maybe I have my camera with me anyway 🤣

Cheers and !BEER

Haha...don't forget that camera...lol 😆😆

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Love your "old" photos.

Thank you @jacey.boldart lots of great memories in those photos 😉

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Thank you for the updates @hivebuzz 👍

You're welcome @kohsamui99, thanks for your daily involvement and for keeping this platform alive!
Have a nice weekend 😉👍

102 years, wow... that´s a very impressive age. I know the Italians have one of the longest life expectancies in the world. They obviously know how to live :)

And she still had it all together at that age it's all that home made red wine and salami not to mention the olives and olive oils 😆😆

Those are definitely some beautifully captured human moments.

Thank you @justinparke they will always be in my heart and never forgotten 💖

FANTASTIC photos!!!!
it seems they are nearby, there is so much love and soul in these shots...I like b&w photography the most. It has unique charm.

Thank you @taliakerch so true they maybe far in another universe but they are always within our heart 💖

I really do love B&W myself it can look so much more realistic.