Qurator's ~ Monday Missions MMMMMadness.

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This week's Monday Mission we have been asked to be on the hunt for five things starting with the letter "M" or containing the letter M itself so i have been looking through my archive and the first thing that caught my attention was of course beautiful nature awesome mountains that surround us in all forms , shapes and heights from all around the world and here are some that i have had the pleasure of seeing on my travels.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Danville Mountains , California.


Red Rocks Mountains , Denver , Colorado.


Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado from above at 28,000 feet in a plane.



The Melon Family one we are all familiar with these sweet, edible, and fleshy fruits are all great to wet your appetite on that hot summer day , we have the Water melon , Rock melon and Honeydew melon all rich in nutrients and antioxidants and all these melons also great in fruit salads and smoothies.







These lovely little juicy Mandarins just a sweet convenient little fruit can be eaten anywhere anytime without been messy and are very rich in Vitamins A, B, and a high level of Vitamin C !!





The Mint straight out of my garden , i use it in many of my recipes for flavor , it also has many health benefits in aiding with cleaning up congestion of throat , nose and lungs improves oral health and many more benefits now a days we find mint everywhere in our toothpaste , chewing gum , foods , tea and many other places , Mint certainly gets around.




Mexican Mangoes also know as the Ataulfo mango one of my favorite eating mangoes when in season in Australia it originated from Mexico this particular mango has more of a golden reddish skin high in nutrients and vitamins goes great in smoothies and makes a great dessert with ice-cream and nuts or mixed in fruit salads and has a smaller seed then other mangoes so you get to eat more mango.



So my Monday Missions MMMMMadness is completed contest run by @qurator if you like to join in....


Qurator's Monday Missions | MMMMMadness by @qurator






That feels like the #AlphabetHunt and that was certainly an advantage for you 😉

I like all the mountain photos most, and of these I love the photo of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado most.

I wish you good luck for the mission and a wonderful weekend my friend 😊

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Yep i was quite surprised to see this mission come along it really bought back memories and i was so happy to compete in this mission.

I knew you would love them mountains thanks for your kind words @johannpiber and you have a great weekend 👍

You're most welcome my friend, I wish you also a wonderful weekend once more 🌞

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hello dear friend @ kohsamui99 good day
Excellent your search for letters, you have found very beautiful images that make reference.
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend

Thank you @jlufer i appreciate your kind words and happy that you like my choices you have a great weekend also my friend 😉

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Thank you for your support @ecency 👍

so juicy photos! have you visited all these places? you're so lucky! I am waiting when my time of world travelling comes...no, not just waiting, making it happen;)

Haha....i like that term juicy photos , yes i did visited all those juicy places i spend a few months in America with my cousin and saw a great deal of awesome places.

Your time will come keep the dream alive 😉

yes, it will;) and I will show you my photos then;)

Nice i will be looking forward to your photos 👍

I'm feeling like you are getting back with the #AlphabetHunt 😃😁 You are always good with Letter Challenge Excellent collection for M mission 🤩

Haha....Thanks @trangbaby i am missing that #AlphabetHunt like a lot of others i would think , it was fun and this mission bought back some good memories 😉

Awesome pictures

Thank you @prakshsingh 👍

Hi Max @kohsamui99, awesome mountain photos! Do you take them using your phone cause they are all unbelievably so beautiful, I can sit and just watch them repeatedly. Thanks for sharing them and please take care, cheers, ainie99

Hi @ainie.kashif nice to hear from you hope you doing ok i sent a message to you a couple days ago but you may have missed it you might have been out on a mission 😆

Thank you for your kind words these were taken with my iphone at the time phone cameras can be great if the coditions are right and you know how to use them the correct way 😉

Take care yourself and stay safe Agent 99 👍

The mountain photos look amazing!

Thank you @ssygmr happy you like them 😉

I will add my two cents this contest reminds me of the Alphabet Hunt we all enjoyed.:)

You found lots of awesome M subjects with the mountains and melons, etc.

Best of luck in the contest!

Ahhhh...that was a fun contest i still miss it so when this came up i was so happy to do it all over again and i got first place.....yeahhhhhh 😉

That’s great! Congratulations on the win @kohsamui99.

Thank you @redheadpei 😉

Congratulations on your well deserved winning entry for Monday Missions!

Thank you @ninahaskin for your kind words 😉