Korean Food in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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I went to lunch on Sunday with a big group of people from my church, and we ended up at a Korean BBQ place here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. No one got BBQ though, and we all ate off the menu. My dish was called Pork Bibim Bab, and this is the moment before I dug in.

It is rice covered in a lot of veggies, greens, seaweed, and pork, and was 100% delicious. The bowl it is served in is some type of crockery which is hot as can be and keeps your food hot to the very last bite.

The red sauce you see is very spicy and I only used a bit of it. I also used the water in the silver cup to cool my food and make it a bit less thick.

All in all, this one another yummy meal in Malaysia. I do not think I have had a bad meal in over a year of eating here.

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for this photo.

My post today is for @qurator’s Tasty Tuesday weekly contest. Show us your food, and you can enter too.


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