Green Quote: “Good food and effective hygiene and sanitation, can spare thy life from COVID-19”

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“Good food and effective hygiene and sanitation can spare thy life from COVID-19”

We are living in such unprecedented times and it’s very important for us to fortify preventive measures in a bid to curb the spread and impact of COVID-19.
In our #GreenQuestions of the week, @xyzashu recommended that;

“Increase the intake of Vitamin C by increased uptake of citrus fruits, Vitamin D through exposure to Sunlight and fresh air. Avoid animal protein (including dairy products) and eat more fresh, raw and organic as much as possible.
Our body is capable of dealing with all virus and every encounter will help strengthen its immunity.”

There is famous quote that certifies @xyzashu’s recommendation; “Let thy food be thy medicine
If we eat healthily and engage in effective hygiene and sanitation practices, then we can be sure of neither contracting nor spreading COVID-19.

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these are very Good food