Quarantine is Getting Tokens Ready for HF21

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Getting Tokens Ready to Remove some phishing needed.
This account will have assort of tokens built in.

It have come to Attention @Spaco is voting Camillesteemer's Accounts.
@spaco is @spanish-tribe token , This will lead beyond control.

We are seeking some Spanish Tribe Token or Delegation and please comply!



Current General Duties, Assist Community Accounts from Camillesteemer's downvotes Accounts.

Intercept Phishing Links , Helps to Neutralize Flag / Downvotes from Camillesteemer's downvotes Fleet Accounts and destroy theirs Accounts.

Sample - List of Accounts Intercepted

Zerbo - account supply by steem
hatshep - account supply by steem
bernecon - account supply by steem
dinstructor - account supply by steem
firemanet - account supply by steem
waldziev - account supply by steem
quadrantos - account supply by steem
asoliut - account supply by steem
grimairt - account supply by share2steem

We do have a whole listing of Camillesteemer's downvotes Fleet Accounts

The last few months Tasks completed.
Have helped to Recover a few accounts from phishing.
@luueetang @mgranja @pjcorts

If you do need any assistant; Please leave a message below on the comment section.



These attack my every post. annoying as HELL. I do not post on Steem often because of this....... Thank You for what You are doing..!!!


Ah! Camillesteemer's Downvotes Accounts.
They don't carry much weight enough to cause any harm.
Thank you for bringing to our attention.

We can only Fixed up posts that is NO Longer than 6 days from their Flags.


They've been targeting my posts lately for some reason. Any idea why they're doing it? As you say, their Steem Power is basically zero, so I'm not seeing the benefit. It doesn't even ding my posts much if at all.

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Tag abuse: #spanish

Are you reading it? If you Flag this Account You will answer for it.

You guy are supporting Camillesteemer's Accounts

Are you reading it?
If you Flag this Account You
Will answer for it.

                 - quarantine

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