First Sunday Quarantined | What are you doing to stay sharp during these locked down times?

in quarantine •  4 months ago 

Some of you may not know it but exactly 8 days ago I took 4 airplanes to get to Mexico City from Berlin. Yeah, I was reckless and exposed myself to the virus, but I had to get home.

Now I'm self quarantined and in complete lock down until 14 days go by and it's safe for me to see my grandma and other people.

So tell me, give me some ideas, what are you doing to spend this lock down time?

I'm writing a more thorough post about this on the other, cooler, better chain if you want to check it out by the way.

In the meantime, if you leave a comment here, don't forget to include your Twitter username!

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Here in Nigeria, we are not completely indoor despite the government order. For now, am trying to give more time to steemit and learn how it work plus learning to play drums at home before the lock down days is over.

Twitter username: samuelshem11

Here in Venezuela this process of quarantine has been lived quite normally, here in Venezuela we are somewhat accustomed to crises, this for us is nothing, it has been many hard years so we are already mentally prepared. This quarantine has been very productive for me! Every day I create more content to share here with all of you! Greetings!

My Twitter account! - @manuel_alex07
P.S.: You should do a dynamic related to creating ideas in times of quarantine . It would be great!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Im writing a book and warching tutorials online. Im just trying to keep myself busy so I dont lose my mind.

I've been in quarantine for 3 Sundays, don't scare me for 8 days and I've been over it for days. Here with some joy still, praying, greeting, reading, remembering my friends from the hospital, those who are in the eye of the hurricane.
Also reading the life of Teresa of Calcutta, taking out corotos peroles, cleaning, and even greeting by facebook something I had forgotten, take care of yourself. Take care and stay a good while with the lost look. If we feel that we are crazy hugging those we have closer at home that helps a lot