Easy Recipe # 2: Stuffed Capresse

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Hello everyone again! Today I share a very simple filling that is used for cakes, empanadas, cannelloni or simply as a salad. The truth that saves you when you don't really want to cook, which happens to me very often hahaha. It is also vegan, like the recipe for the dough I shared earlier.


  • Tomatoes: 3 or 4 units
  • Fresh basil (leaves of half seedling) or dehydrated (one tbsp. Soup)
  • Cream cheese or mozzarella: 300 grams
  • Salt to taste
  • Olive oil: a jet

The combination of basil with tomato and cheese is exquisite, the first time I tried it it was armed like a skewer, or mini brochette: a cherri tomato, a basil leaf and a mozzarella cube, it was an explosion of flavor in my palate !!! Since then I prepare it often, a cheaper version, with any tomato and cream cheese, the result is the same. Some as a variant usually add black olives, I prefer the green ones.


Cut the tomatoes and cheese into cubes, cut the basil leaves by hand if they are very large, add salt and olive oil, mix. Pour the preparation over the pie dough and bring to a moderate oven until the cheese melts. And ready!!! Lunch or dinner served !!

I hope you find it useful, if you had not tried it before. All my recipes try to be simple and versatile, I am not a chef and as a housewife I do not love to cook, although I do eat lol. I am cooking at the tun tun, a lot to the eye, it is difficult for me to follow the recipes of the cooks because it seems that each quantity should be respected at a low table ... a limitation of mine perhaps, that is why I cook to what the instinct guides me at that moment; and my moments of greatest culinary lighting have been when both the refrigerator and the cupboard were empty and I intended to eat the same rich.
To close ... I hope you enjoy it and take it out or put ingredients to taste, the recipe is just an idea ...

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