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I was surfing the Github, then found an interesting project; Rumps. It's a framework to develop OSX status bar applications with ease. Of course, my first experiment was implementing a STEEM price ticker. 🤓

It's a really simple Python script, compiles into a MacOS APP, and updates the STEEM price in every five minutes. Having it at the status bar saves a lot of time if you check the price via a website like @coingecko or CMC, normally.


 $  python3 -m venv steem-statusbar
 $  source steem-statusbar/bin/activate
 $  git clone
 $  cd steem-osx-statusbar/
 $  pip install py2app rumps requests
 $  python py2app
 $  open dist/

I didn't package the app as a distributable app, so you'll need to do these all steps and Python3 to run it. However, in the next versions, I'll also ship a "Download & Run" kind of executable. (I have plans to add VP/DP and more information there at the end.)


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Nice! Mine doesnt have a touch bar, though :)

Great Steem Moves @emrebeyler

Thanks @streetstyle, long time no see. :)

Yeah, sorry about that but the holidays, work, #SPUD and just life have got me spinning... Glad to see you still adding value to this amazing platform, thanks for doing all your amazing work.

Statusbar for !BEER ;)

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Welcome to Steem!

I have created a Python community, check out my latest posts - one of them is about the community.