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I've created a Python community in the Steemit Beta. Python is a popular programming language that I've been mainly working with in the last ten years.

This is a place to share/discuss Python-related news, tutorials, questions, tips and tricks. Feel free to join and contribute to the community if you're into the Python.

I'll be monitoring the posts very closely.

P.S: These hive IDs in URLs are just not user-friendly. We can still have the IDs on tags but we should have unique slugs that can be set by community owners.

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Excellent, I subscribed.

Nice one ... joined.
Agreed on the hive tags!


Agreed on the hive tags not really giving any idea what the community is.

Still using other interfaces more than reading anything through the communities...

use beta and post your feedback! :) every feedback is valuable for user experience when it is really released.

I agree.

Join in hive!




Subscribed :)

You should write more on your Python journey :)

Beta arayüzünü yeni görüyorumda baya güzel olmuş bu güncelleme. Çok uzak kalmışım bu taraflardan. :)

ihmal ettin buralari Tolgahan reyis. 3-5 post patlat yeni komunitemizde.

Figured that it's about time for me to start looking at what these Hives are all about. The python community seems like a good place to start. Looking forward to contributing.

Have a witness !BEER

Great stuff hope to contribute some of the content I review and experience.

Many of us are asking for names as slugs being a priority but it is more complicated than it seems.

Right now hive communities are just a number. No ability or concern of name squatting.

Once you use named slugs, you need a name resolution service and people can squat names.

I know, that's why I think a hybrid model. IDs stay, so you can have N communities with the same name, however, we can also have a slug setting per community in a FIFO order.

It's a tradeoff and I prefer having a human-readable slug in URLs.

Why not what Facebook does?

  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

Good to know, thanks.

I disagree.

But Facebook Groups does customized URLs and it is first come first served. Same thing with website domain names in general.