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RE: Hive Reaches 10ks Sats | Some thoughts about it | Supply VS Demand

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Good analysis.

One additional factor - no forced seller (Stinc is gone).

People will only sell if they can get a great price, otherwise they hold and maybe power up to gain voting power on the platform.

Psycology means what is a great price keeps rising.
Last week I thought 4400 sats was a great price.
Now I wont sell for less than 12000 sats.

Also I (like many other smaller players) are running out of liquid Hive to sell.



I think a lot of regular hivers are out of liquid hive atm :) Me as well. Also yes.... no programatic selling each month. We have the DAO now that is funding developers.... but I think those developers will not sell everything right away and will probably time the market.