Message to Nick, Karen, Paul and the mother who gave birth to all of them.

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Involving Aka @kdtkaren, Aka @coininstant & anyone else dearly close to you. Including all your pets too!!

This is gonna be a very, I mean, a very friendly message to you dear Nick.

Looks like your steemit accounts are old enough so far as to know better about good behavior, maturity and common sense. Both accounts were created since July 2016. So, you bet that plenty of footprints, trails and traces have been left around by each one of you to snoop you down.

So, listen to me very carefully boy.

If you continue with your indiscriminate campaign of flags & downvotes on random people with no reason. I promise I'm gonna go to hunt you down to Hawaii, Maui or wherevah...

And I'm gonna kick your ass so hard but so hard. That I will not mind having to go back 'barefoot' to my cave on my messed up country. Just to observe within nine months how you give birth to a pair of nice boots through your ass.

I have no intentions to become a father again at my age. But...

¡You've been warned with all my unlimited LOVE!

The Future Mother

I am not related in any way or form with those accounts above, kid. Nor am I someone who fits in your little childish vendetta. And no, there isn't such thing as 'security' when you have debts. Because in one way or another...

¡You will have to PAY!

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