How children inherit intelligence

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Intelligence is defined as an intellectual functional level that is much lower than the average and that limits daily living skills to a large extent. According to the latest research, how smart you are depends on your mother's intelligence, whether you like it or not.


Let's look at this from a scientific point of view.

Women are known to have XX chromosomes and men have XY chromosomes. Chromosomes are found in cells and are responsible for gene transfer, reports .

This research claims that intelligence comes directly from these significant X chromosomes, and given that our mothers have XX chromosomes, there is a two-fold chance that our intelligence comes from them.

Mothers have been found to play an extremely important role in the non-genetic part of intelligence, and some studies suggest that mother-child connectivity is closely related to intelligence.

A strong bond with the mother is thought to give the child a sense of security, which allows him or her to explore the world and give them the confidence to solve problems.

In addition, dedicated and considerate mothers are more likely to help children with their problems and thus help them reach their full potential.

Admittedly, research has also found that genetics is not the only factor affecting intelligence - it is thought that only 40 to 60 percent of intelligence is hereditary and the other part is influenced by the environment.

Of course, the role of fathers in the development of a child's intelligence is not negligible, since a number of other factors - such as intuition and emotions - that children may inherit from fathers also influence the development of intelligence.


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