Reading; A Receptive And Productive Skills; What Are The General Phenomenon Associated With it?

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Reading is decoding symbols, written words and signs in other to place meaning to them. The act of being able to place literal or non literal conceptualisation to written things is the statement of proof that language is arbitrary and carries the meaning which we place on it. Moreover when we read we can either read aloud or read inwardly and while there's no issues to any of these, People prefer reading outwardly for clarification or in places where they find it difficult to concentrate. While reading, we do so to collect information and consume them in other to gain knowledge. However little did many know that reading can be a productive skill or receptive skill. Because reading to many isn't classified as a skill they find it difficult to understand the genesis of their reading problem. Apart from looking and watching to get information, reading helps you retain more.

When you read intensively you get familiar with a particular knowledge and it sticks with you over a longer period of time. This means that sometimes one of the reasons why we get acquainted with a particular subject matter either in class or school is because we have read to cover a specific or particular subject matter. When I was in primary school i formed a reading habit, and this particular habit helped me get a command or a better understanding of the English language. One barrier to reading is when we cannot break down or fully understand the language through which we are reading then there will be a misunderstanding between what we are interpret of a text and what we are understand of that same text and this would hamper the process of trying to gather knowledge. So even if we need to get the command of a particular language it is somewhat important to have at least 95% comprehension of a language before we actually try to read a text that is being interpreted or portrayed or written in a particular language.

Extensive & Intensive Reading

Intensive reading details going through a text over and over again so as to have an in depth knowledge of a particular subject matter. In fact most people who study academically to pass a course in college or high School often engage themselves in intensive reading because they need to break down each and every text they actually and also formulate a particular method through which they can convey what they have read in an examination sheet. Intensive reading also involves looking for external ways to give more meaning to what you have read. Sometimes when you read a comprehension passage there is a seldom need to grab a dictionary in order to find some meaning to some words in order to be able to answer the comprehension passage questions.

While intensive reading aims at an in depth deconstruction of a text for the purpose of knowledge, extensive reading concerns oneself with reading to cover a larger amount of text without bothering toseek more knowledge just like in extensive reading. So this is just to say that extensive reading sometimes covers a wider range of reading and sometimes or in most cases a major reason why people read extensively is for pleasure. For example I read a lot of literature not because I want to gain knowledge but because I want to acquaint myself and enjoy the beauty of literature without having to bother myself about getting each and every information written in a particular text.

In Conclusion

Whilst there are various methods of reading, we must understand that there are so many phenomenon that is associated with reading; some people gather more information and knowledge when they read more than some other people and this can be attributed to some of the following finding the right formula to read which often entails the time and place, Having a strong ability to speak a particular language which you are reading in, finding the right kind of reading methodology that works for you, understanding your abilities to deduce more or deduce less from a particular text and also finding it pleasurable to read or learning the habits to enjoy your reading process in other words, some people possess the ability to retentive memory more than other people and that's why it's important to find a right individual formulae unique only to you when reading.

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hi @josediccus, i messaged you on discord late last year but you've not responded since. I guess you probably not that frequent on discord as before. I need your help and guide as regards posting of videos on dtube. I have performed the operation on my android phone and even on my laptop and still couldn't post video successfully on dtube. My interest aside, a friend i brought to steemit about the same time last year is an instrumentalist and would like to post his video recordings on dtube.

The collaboration you mentioned earlier, can we do some together? To me, poetry is almost a dying art on steemit, i think it will be fun to stir things up even if it's a little.