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"Attitude is our emotional and mental response to life's circumstances".
R. Jeffress

Within human behavior there will always be a willingness to change based on the conditions in which we find ourselves, all of this in some way related to our upbringing, academic education, purpose in life, and I cannot leave out the genetic.

Based on this I would like to talk about attitude Dominant or Submissive...

These words are often related to the sexual field... and it's not for nothing, there is so much information, images, movies, among other things related to submissive or dominant human sexual behavior, that it is logical to think that just hearing these words the first thing that passes through our minds are wives (and I don't mean the married woman he, he, he), and different sex toys, more if we consider the importance of the sexual in most people's lives, or am I wrong?.


But it is not about the sexual specifically that I want to talk about, but about some psychological characteristics of humans -in society- that allow us to be in both attitudinal extremes, submission or dominance.

The human being is social by nature, that is why through thousands of years of history he has sought organization in society, and generally it is in these inter-human relationships that different personal characteristics are expressed, which in turn are results of the type of upbringing he has had (types of values inculcated), the environment in which he grew up, academic studies he has, among other aspects that are also transcendental (like alterations in the levels of hormones and neurotransmitters, for example).

When any type of relationship is established, the history of each of the participants comes into play and each one assumes the role for which they are prepared, with which they feel comfortable, but in addition this role - generally - varies, it is not permanent.

That is, if I am a doctor, in my workplace I must assume (even unconsciously) personality characteristics that are those that will allow me to manage in that environment and assume the responsibilities that the practice of that profession brings with it, in a certain way I assume traits of someone dominant, more so if we consider that we often work in areas with a high degree of physical and emotional stress.

However, if this same person, who is the one who has to take the reins of an Emergency service, has to establish some kind of relationship with a Bank Manager to apply for a credit, characteristics of a submissive person will arise, trying from the greatest respect in the world to achieve this goal that he or she is pursuing, and with a dominant attitude he or she may not achieve anything of what he or she needs under these circumstances.

With what I have said before, I would like to emphasize that the human being, in his immense variability and malleability is capable of adapting to an infinite number of conditions and situations in order to achieve his objective, it is thanks to this that he has managed to advance and evolve in this world. That is to say, we can all be somehow dominant or submissive depending on the situation. Without it being a pathological manifestation, but adaptability.

And such a characteristic is present in practically every form of life.

This capacity to be in both poles in the same human being is what gives us that possibility to evolve, since it allows us to adapt to the changes that the situation requires.

But what happens when one of these characteristics (dominance or submission) dominates?

On this plane we could enter the plane of the psychopathological, and it will have a direct repercussion on our social circle. You could say, without going into detail, that the majority will tend to reject dominant people... But it is not so.

Also as human beings we are Matter, and in physics there is a law that says opposite poles attract each other and equals repel each other, this applies in the social field, since it is well known that if two people with dominant personality are in the same group the most certain thing is that between these there is a level of repulsion, because of a kind of power struggle, and that it is very probable that this great group will end up subdivided in two or more subgroups (without the presence of someone who unifies). Here the law of polarity and complementarity will be clearly expressed, since every dominant group needs subordinates, who in this case will follow that leader with whom they feel most comfortable.

The relations of power have been present in all the history of humanity, it can be evidenced even in (considered) inferior animals, where the one that survives is the most suitable, it seems to be a natural law that we humans try to theorize to make it a little more understandable.


But beyond the theorization, I feel that much can be done from homes first, schools, colleges, universities, in order to seek a balance in these individual behaviors so that they do not impact the group in a negative way, it's an arduous work, of course, it's a multidisciplinary approach, too, but for a world a little more balanced is not an effort that will be in vain.

This is a purely personal opinion based on my professional experience.

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we can all be somehow dominant or submissive depending on the situation.

Humans can be both as you have said in the post. It is very true that in a court of law almost everyone is submissive except the judge and the juries but in a normal social life, virtually everyone want to be an alpha so the dominant gene starts to grow.

This is an amazing writing, thanks for sharing.

I like that you mention the genes...
People often don't consider the genetic or the hormonal, neuroendocrine in certain behavior of people, and often that is determinative.
Thank you for that valuable comment.

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This is an amazing post. I guess i am mostly Submissive in nature.I am very reserved and like keeping to myself

Thank you for your appreciation @ajewa
It's good to know you liked it.
I don't know, maybe being reserved doesn't mean you're submissive. Just reserved. Because not sharing all your thoughts doesn't mean that you're afraid or anything, or that you don't stand up for your opinion when it counts.

 last year (edited)

True. Thanks for the post also, you could check my blog, I recently shared a post about marketing. I hope you like it.

Lo importante es la aptitud, estupendo post @josevas217

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History of humanity is full of hierarchy, domination and submissive behavior. The latter was often the key of survival. But also in the animal world is important ("alpha males", deer fighting for power).

With the advance of humanity, I see more and more human relations without hierarchy. Independent farmers, freelancers, entrepreneurs. Also in families we find more "democratic" structures. That is progress. Equality is also an important condition for democracy.

I like to play domination games in bed but hate hierarchy in the real life. Another reason to make myself independent in my profession...

hi dear @josevas217

you play a very delicate topic nteresant. I think it is necessary that these dominant-dominated relationships exist because that way you educate yourself, it may not be the best or fastest way, but it is undoubtedly an important part of the process. This is a social issue, which in many cases is very subtle, and is the beginning or beginning of good business, projects in smart initiatives. The thing is based on being a good dominator, offering added values and allowing your dominated to grow, this leads to success, sounds cold and empty but from my experience it is very functional. And they are things to take into account.

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Yes, to many it might seem a bit of a cold approach to take, but to a large extent the business world is like that.
There are also people who prefer to victimize themselves, and it may work for them and get things done.

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