OpenSeed: Operational budget and outreach proposal

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-- Making block-chain integrated game development easy and mass marketable.

This document will be broken into various sections: Software, Out Reach, Finance, and Agreement. The first two sections are focused on the long-term goals, while the third is dedicated to the distribution of funds and projections. Please read fully before voting.



OpenSeed is a decentralized client/server and p2p interface for games and applications utilizing STEEM and IPFS to store and deliver content to the end user while offsetting the cost and time needed to create these services by the game developers themselves. Think of OpenSeed as Google Play Services or Steam cloud, but instead of being tied to a single ecosystem (Google or Steam) the developers are free to use any distribution platform they want while still having the services most modern platforms provide. Furthermore, OpenSeed will reward those who make the network stronger by sharing profits gained with anyone running "Thicket" on their computers or running a full OpenSeed node on their servers.


Decentralized services and block-chain technologies have changed the way we see the internet, yet the gaming industry is still only marginally interested in this new democratic world, using it for minor projects or, in the case of most Crypto Games, using the hype around the currency or the technology to sell a lackluster title. OpenSeed aims to change that. Using a time tested client/server approach and bridging the gap between blockchain-based "long term storage" paradigms and the real time events needed for gaming OpenSeed is both a bridge and an on-ramp for game developers still unsure or lacking the time to dedicate to these emerging technologies.

Services Provided

not all services are currently available at the time of writing

  • Easy to understand API for game developers
  • In-Game Chat [Off chain]
  • Match Making [Off chain]
  • Record keeping (scores, achievements, match history, etc.) [hybrid]
  • Game Saves [STEEM]
  • Developer Accounts [hybrid]
  • Application Registration [hybrid]
  • Data Storage [IPFS]
  • Map storage [hybrid] (for games that offer client side edits)
  • Unified currency exchange based on STEEM/SMT/etc. [hybrid]
  • Client for users and developers to manage games that use OpenSeed (Like Steam - or -, but for STEEM) [hybrid]

More services may be added based on the needs of the developers and the players.

Out Reach

The best software is nothing without its users. Thus, OpenSeed as an entity will encourage user adoption through tutorials and contests aimed at bringing game developers to the platform. This will also include scheduled talks at local game development meetups and sponsoring streamers that play OpenSeed-based games on a regular basis. If certain funding goals are met, OpenSeed will also donate money to various FOSS tools such as Blender and Godot in order to push both STEEM and OpenSeed to a larger audience.


All proceeds, both through the STEEM DAO and through transnational events within the system, will be deposited into the @openseed account here on STEEM. From that point, transfers will occur on a monthly basis to pay for the costs associated with the project. For the sake of taxes and other unknowns, we will round up to the nearest 1000.

The financial needs and goals will be broken down into tiers. Each tier assumes the total of the last goal has been met.

Base Goal

Total: 2150 SBD -or- 71 SBD daily

  • Server costs ~350USD /month (Includes administration, backups, redundancy, and bandwidth)
  • Development ~1800USD /month (This amount a month would allow @bflanagin to dedicate significantly more time to the project)

Out Reach

Total: 275 SBD -or- 10 SBD daily

  • Game Jam rewards ~50USD (This will be on a sliding scale using overages as additional money for the rewards)
  • Meet ups ~25USD (Not much is needed here, but it should cover the cost of fuel and a drink or two)
  • Events ~200USD (Setting up booths at local fairs and school events so that people can play games connected to OpenSeed)

Unknowns: ~545USD

Grand total: 3000 SBD monthly -or- 100 SBD daily

Any overages will be as savings up to and including three months worth of server costs. Once that amount has been achieved, the overages will go to a development fund to further other projects, as well as reward users and node operators.

The long term goal of the project is to become self-funded and no longer require the DAO to operate. If all goes well, this will happen within the first two years of operation; however, external factors may require a longer connection to this funding model.


In receiving funding from the DAO, OpenSeed will be bound by this document to continue using the STEEM blockchain and its mechanisms for as long as the blockchain remains operational. Furthermore, the @openseed account will have periodic posts detailing the growth of the project. @bflanagin will also post about development progress and will use OpenSeed in any and all projects connected with @v-entertainment for as long as the project exists. Once OpenSeed is able to stand on its own and operate without needing the DAO, this proposal will be removed from the SPS.

Sound good? Vote Here

Further reading


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I love seeing this kind of proposals being put on already. You have my vote.

Thank you, I'm excited by the possibility of accelerating the development process through the DAO, but even if I never make the funding round I at least get the exposure of having it in the proposal system. :)

That's a bright way to look at things.

Hah, I misspelled proposal in the tags...Its been that kind of day.

Never heard of OpenSeed before but sounds very cool!

You got my support, and I'm excited to read more into this project and perhaps use it for my games, good luck! :^)

Thanks! And yeah OpenSeed was used internally for a while, so it was mostly under the radar for those that weren't a part of one of my projects.

I'm excited that you are considering using it in one of your games. Let's hope that enough people see the projects worth to get it funded.

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