This week's SBI Contest - What Does the 4th of July Mean to You


The Prize

The prize will be 100% of the HBD rewarded to this post invested as SBI (see @steembasicincome for a rundown).

What I intend to do with this account is to invest all HBD into 100% Hive SBI for the contest winners; this is to grow the rewards provided in the contest (by also increasing the SBI payout to this account), to introduce Hivers to Hive SBI, and to help grow the winners' accounts. This account is run by @stevescoins.

Don't be concerned with the obvious disconnect between HBD and SBI. SBI was originated on Steemit, and brought here after the @justinccp fiasco.

The subject

What does the 4TH OF JULY mean to you? Be as long-winded or as concise as you like.

How to enter

Write a blog on the above subject on your account, as wordy or as concise as you like
Make sure you include the tag #proofofbrain
Post the link in the reply/comment section on this blog
Contest ends once the post pays out
I'll repost your blog here and on @stevescoins

How to win

This week will be judged by @stevescoins

Last week's winner

There were no entries in the last two contests
7 shares of Hive SBI has been paid out to @informationwar

@informationwar will receive contest winnings if there are no entries.

Upcoming contests will be conducted on a weekly basis. and there will be contests put up for Halloween (most likely all month), 4th of July, Texas Independence day, Christmas, and New Years.

Feel free to suggest contest subjects, and if I like them, I'll run them.

Feel free to link your own contests on this post


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