Crypto is for adults! Hold the $MILF and share the $CUMMIES?

This is a story of bad investments and hype buying when all the crypto was pumping!

We all know crypto is for adults but with where this is going is concerning. Elon Musk plays with the market and makes DOGE as strong as top projects with real life utility. Than all the Doge-Killers get launched and people FOMO into them. What's next? I am telling you what's next ... THE SHITCOIN REVOLUTION! This is when FOMO and fake crypto gods will make those with lesser crypto knowledge (and even the veterans) to buy and invest into dodgy projects and rug pulls. The hype for shitcoins will trend as the hopes for the Holy Grail, the 100x token, will always be a topic.



With so many shitcoins around is hard to decide which is the shittiest of them all! My bag is already full of them and I find it hard to get rid of them... still hoping for that 100x. I have a small bag of shitcoins in my EtherWallet which will probably die in there of old age as they are totally useless. I have even more scattered across wallets and this is the reason why the fortune teller seen a lots of shitcoins.


I am not a fan of memecoins, and I advice people to avoid them, but then I seen Felix article about aping into $MILF and somewhere from the prehistoric brain, the ape arise.


What is $MILF? A brand new token that was launched by a bunch of "motherfunders" on PancakeSwap. MILF is advertised as the mother of all coins and is the abbreviation for "Moms I’d Love to Fund". I instantly thought about American Pie and Stifler's mom !


Than from Felix article I moved to another absolute gem of a post, about CumRocket and the 1300% value surge.  Reading through the article made me feel positive about this deflationary token that will be used for tipping and sexting. The $Cummies CEO is my UK neighbor, which makes the project covered under certain regulations. Another sign of non-scam token can be considered the listing on CoinGecko!

And guess what ... I got lured by this 1000x dream and an idea sneaked in my brain! What if $MILF will be the next $CUMMIES? What if I miss another chance to make some money? But what if will turn out to be another shitcoin? But the symbiote was stronger... buuyy ... more ... shitcoinsssss! 


So I got into the Hype and bought $MILF and $CUMMIES. I started with a handful of cummies from Pancake Swap. I didn't want to make it a big deal, just a small fun investment (maybe I will use it for tipping at one point).


As the first transaction failed, I asked for help and adapted the settings. I decided to spend $5 on $CUMMIES and bought 316.35


Moved on and bought some $MILF so the $CUMMIES will not feel lonely. I bought 4500 first and when I realized how cheap they were I went back and bought few more thousands.


I spent less than $10 on my $MILF and now I am waiting for the 100x to come! What made this investment different than the other shitcoins I have in my bag? This time I bought the shitcoin knowing it is a shitcoin and I tried to anticipate the hype that will be created around MILF! 5c52300cb24ecc0f65ee2e727170cb4e39c353e586e1018a0e0930c9ce3727ec.jpg

Now thinking about it, maybe was smarter to buy even more $MILF and ignore $CUMMIES as they had already the erecting price.

I spent $53.55 on 316.35 CUMMIES and $10.46 on 27,450 MILF! I plan to hold them until they get at least 100x or watch them die at zero value. It's a game of "going to the moon" or "going to the grave". 


I recently found an exchange that has listed a lot of shitcoins, where I can check the value of my "investment". Funny enough is called Bogged Finance and is the right place to check tokens that are not listed on proper exchanges. Until now Cummies dropped value while MILF gained, and in overall I am in profit.



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