Proof of Brain Doesn't Exist: Change my Mind

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Is it merely a buzzword / gimmick or a real concept?

Join us at the SteemFest 4 Roundtable as we discuss the topic.

     Had a discussion with @netuoso once upon a time about this little thing called proof-of-brain hence the meme. To clarify, I am an advocate of proof-of-brain although it does seem quite a nebulous concept.

Let's talk about it

Personally, I don't prefer to call it a debate where one's rhetorical ability may overshadow the soundness of the ideas expressed.

Let's rather call this a interactive discussion, an "unmuddying of the waters" if you will. I will work to broadcast this discussion and will have voice up on the Steemflagrewards Discord

This time I have my Bluetooth mic / speaker so I should not be acoustically challenged like yesterday. See my last reblog from @slobberchops if you wanna get a laugh. @roelandp's and I attempted to jury rig a tea kettle amp.

It didn't work. Surprise surprise!

The Rountable Will Commence in 25 minutes. Be there or B²

Should have added the Easter bunny. Missed opportunity. :(

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Also, join the SteemFest Telegram to be aware of the remaining events.

Glad to be a part of this event and meet some great peeps.


Wait. Wrong Peeps!


I've always hated the term itself but I like the idea it represents, even if it doesn't always prove to be true!

Think many of us have associated certain ideals with PoB so it has "ascended" above what may have originally just been a clever marketing term. That's what makes it special imo.

To me, I see it as an exhibition of human intellect. I'm not just talking nerd stuff either. 🤓

A person can be dumber than a box of rocks but still exhibit intellect e.g. mental powers.

  • An academic dissertation can be proof of brain.
  • Complex code documentation can be proof of brain.
  • Fridge Crayola drawings can be proof of brain.

If the "thing" can be a product of a human mind, it can be proof of brain the way I see it. Of course, we are getting so advanced with technology that we are able to replicate some of these things via artificial intelligence. Here is an example of AI generated art.

Trippy pic, huh?

It is trippy, I live AI art, is awesome. I truly think that is through projects that produce the likes of this that we will double upon true ai.

I like the term even though it's corrupted on Steem due to all the automated voting. If people actually voted on what they read and enjoyed them trending would be different. I wonder if it will change if/when it scales up. The sample size is too small for now.

Didn't @liberosist already cover this topic a while back?

Did he? I don't recall. But I had this slack convo maybe a few months ago.

Do brains still exist?

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Migrate to America.

I dislike the term- Proof of Brain. Even extremely brain damaged people have brains and so do rodents.

People network. They do it everywhere. Who you know and your relationships do matter.

I think the idea of holding steem so you can pour over posts looking for the best darn post is unlikely to appeal to many. Add on the idea that many have about trying to control others... :)

My pitch would have been a social network. I would encourage people to network and I would encourage people to understand we all have different interests, styles and ideas on value.

I guess whether or not there is proof of brain depends on what you think it means.

To me it doesn't mean much, but then I worked with people who had brain injuries a lot. They all had brains, but not all of them functioned well.

Haha! I like this. I bet most people walking by don't even know what this is.

Edit: Oh wait... I see! It's an illusion. Nice photo editing skills.

PoB, there's no there here.
Here's the proof you need.

PoB is more like guidelines than actual rules.

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From your choosing to interact with me a bit today @anthonyadavisii, I chose to look at your profile. And found this post to be of interest …

Personally, I dislike the phrase “Proof of Brain,” as it conveys nothing of value to me, upon hearing it. If I get past that even slightly, then I am immediately faced with problems upon reading a bit about what this phrase is supposed to be conveying to me. Something about the “collective wisdom” of all of us choosing to interact on our Steem blockchain …

First, wisdom and intelligence are not the same thing! And second, back to "wisdom" ... Measured by what? The amount of SP in our Steem wallets? Our “reputation” score perhaps? Some coded permutation of both? Right …

From the experience base of a long life, this “old war horse” finds most of what I read about all of this to border on foolishness – the opposite of wisdom. Why? I see very little written about the fundamental challenges we all face dealing with human nature. Those challenges change “in here” somehow? Transcending them by "morphing" into some sort of utopian ideal? Not even close …

I could write much more, but I’ll stop before I get started …

P.S. If you have written somewhere about what is contained in your profile - ”Sovereign Grace” - I would be very interested in a link to it.