Sweet dreams (Digital art)

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Hello, dear friends, followers and visitors.

I present to you once again the art of my cute digital images. I hope you like it.

First I drew my hand sketch in my notebook with graphite pencil.

Then I digitized the image and proceeded to make the lineart.

Then I proceeded to make the background of my design with the digital brush cloud and black gradient and regulating the pressure of my digital brush on the graphic tablet.

I incorporated the background into my design and proceeded to color it.

The rest of my step-by-step you can see in the next GIF

Design program:

MediBang Paint Pro. and my graphics tablet Huion (Usb Pen Tablet).

I used custom brushes of your own creation: illuminator (for the little stars).

All the images used are my own.

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Intellectual and Creative Property.
Todo cuanto te presento es de mi autoría.

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Dulce como siempre y es que así deberían ser los sueños, entre estrellas titilantes

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Qué lindo es tenerte por aqui amiga, se te extraña un monton <3.