Fantasy (Digital Art)

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Let magic and fantasy always be a part of your life in the right measure...

I present you my digital art, full of magic and charm, practicing with my design program and my custom brushes, created by me. I hope you like it.

Step 1: I drew my idea with 6B graphite pencil in my notebook

Step 2: I digitize it and create the outline with the MediBang Paint Pro. program and my Usb Pen Tablet.

Step 3: Filled with color, with the paint can tool. I apply a dark background so I can see that it doesn't come out of the edges.

Step 4: I continue the coloring process.

In the following steps, I make the shading and the lights, with the airbrush or the ink pen brush adjusting opacity and pressure, in addition I have used my own created brushes, which I called: Illuminator (for the flash in the horn), Sky (for the sky blue fantasy), Universe (for the horn and shading), and other predetermined brushes to generate effect like: spray and splash. Then I layer and erase the edges.


All the images used are my own.

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Intellectual and Creative Property.


Hi @equipodelta ,Your work is beautiful, it looks divine, I love it ,You are a very talented woman, I congratulate you.

Thanks for your support, friend. Always grateful for your appreciation of my arts and writings.

Uff te quedo muy lindo este unicornio

Gracias amigo.


Muy agradecida de contar con su apoyo.

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Thank you beautiful community

Congratulations @equipodelta!

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Thank you :)