Drawin in my style (Kawaii): Mini - Panda.

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I think we're all inspired by a lot of tenderness when we see this monochromatic bear.

I was looking for cute animals to practice a little bit of Kawaii style and I found this cute one that I immediately set out to draw.

The Kawaii style itself is very cute, I love cute things, so I tried to make it look as cute as possible with my digital design software.

I proceeded to make my design with graphite pencil on a white sheet. Then I made an outline with fine point markers.

I make the line art with the MediBang Paint Pro. program and my Usb Pen Tablet.

I start the color filling, adjusting the opacity of the layer.

I fill in the eyes and give it expression.

Colour-filled Bamboo with ver colour gradient and acrylic digital brush. Then I apply color to the legs and put blush on their cheeks.

I apply the same technique I did on the bamboo, with the trunk. I use several layers, as long as the color changes.

Applying the same techniques of the previous ones, with the green color in degrades, I proceed to make the background, for the blue one, I used the digital brush Marker graduating its opacity with the pressure of my brush on the graphic tablet.

Now I show you step by step by means of a GIF


Finished work

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well done

ME EN-CAN-TÓ, me encantó, y me encantó. Tu estilo es muy original y eso es lo que te diferencia de los demás mi estimada amiga @equipodelta.
Saludos y que sigas creciendo, te envío un abrazo desde por aquí hasta por allá.

Tus dibujos ultimadamente estan llenos de ternura.