My Python progress

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I am still very far away to do something meaningful with my coding skills but there is progress.

It is sometimes or better said most of the time a slow, painful and frustrating experience but once I solved the task it is all worth it.

I am not checking in daily but around 4 times a week so I often start with repeating the last chapter and it is motivating that everything feels sometimes way easier sometimes just a bit easier but I can see some of those strange commands starting to make sense.

I am using "Codeacadamy" and they have some great (as far as I can judge that ) courses. I started a SQL course as well but to learn two things which are similar but still a bit different just confused me so I put that on ice for now and will focus on the Python course.

While I wish I could just learned everything at once it is way better for myself to make small but focused steps but SQL is on the list as well as STEEM is a great playground for this.

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Glad you pointed me at "codeacademy". I'll go check them out.

Stick with it, I'll be coming to you for some advice, once I start to learn how to write code.

they have a ref system in case you are not already signed up and decide to stick with them

If I will be able to help I am happy to

Very cool. Resteemed :-)

thank you:-)


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Ah ok. Thank you.


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forget that tutorial and join me in chat next time.

which one?

anywhich one.
we can jump straight to python for steem.

ich such dich mal im discord morgen. Hier ist schon spät aber das nehme ich gerne an

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Are you recomending the codecademy python course?

yes. To be fair I cant compare it really but the whole site is done very well and you have a lot of choices of different courses.

There is a free one for Python 2. I have not looked into it but I assume it will give you some inside if you like how they teach also you can test the site for a week if you want the premium courses.

Thanks :)

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in case you choose to sign up they have a ref link I get a free month then

codeacademy is awesome. I can't believe that stuff is free. I use it on a regular basis and not because i believe i will be a coding master but because ..... why not learn a bit about this stuff?

I'd love to know the motivation of the people that created this stuff. I am so happy that they continue to do it because i'm on codeacademy daily, just for this and that. It is truly an amazing site.

Not using it daily but I really should it is pretty awsome.

I bought myself premium for one year and while I think I will not become a coding master as well I want to become good enough to build small programs but so far it seems I am years away from this but the course is also far from over so I am curious how I will feel when I am done.

Did you have a look at this:

There are nice parts about web scraping. Very easy and well explained.

Python is a great choice, let me know if you have any questions related to it.

all the best keep sharing your experiences from learning

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