Privacy: Best Practice for IncognitoChain (pBTC, pETH, pDAI etc.)

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Hello privacy friends, I reported last time about IncognitoChain and privacy friendly, monero style cryptos, now here is a best practice I started after using it for some time


  1. Deposit only address
  2. Incognito only address
  3. Withdraw only address

1. Deposit Only

Use this one ONLY for getting native tokens in the Incognito Network.

Eg. Deposit Bitcoin to receive pBTC

This address is not meant to hold any tokens, and in case something goes wrong, you need to "doxx" this one to get support/dev help. This address is disposable.

2. Incognito only address

This is your address you have to backup. You will send your deposited pTokens to this one, and you use this address for internal DEX trades and general usage of the network.


3. Withdraw only address

Similar to 1., this is ONLY for moving pTokens out of the IncognitoChain back to the native blockchain.

eg. if you want to get Ethereum, you will send pETH from your 2. Incognito only to 3. Withdraw only, and then request a withdrawal (via the hamburger menu, in case you wonder).


  • TOR native connectivity should be a high priority in my opinion! (see how Samourai Wallet does it)

Donation? :)

If you want to try the network, here's my Donation address


Let me know in the comments if you want to play some ping-pong to test the network. Transactions are super inexpensive!

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