WARNING: Don't upgrade to iOS 13.7 - It installs COVID-19 contact tracing

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While Apple have generally been pretty good about user privacy, the inclusion of contact tracing into iOS 13.7 is a huge privacy problem.

It is still opt-in, but once the software is on your phone how long will it be before they switch it to opt-out and ultimately mandatory with no user control?

If you care about your privacy make your displeasure known to Apple at: https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

Request an upgrade path without the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications system.

Here is my complaint

Screen Shot 20200909 at 9.05.34.png


Apple shares data, technically by giving the keys to the Chinese government, a backdoor, meaning a violation of privacy, the 4th amendments, and Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others, do the same. So, yes, Covid Tracking is especially dangerous on top of what was already Tech Tyranny for most of the previous decade, the 2010's, if not longer than that actually.

Apple, Google promise better coronavirus tracking with 'exposure notifications express'
Apple and Google want to encourage more adoption, allowing people to join the system even if a local health agency doesn't have an app.


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