Bringing my Beats Back to Life with a 3D Printer

in #print3d4 months ago

How's everyone doing?

I haven't been posting much... I will get back in the groove once I get done moving into my new place next month. It's just been hectic and I'm sorry if you've missed my 3D printing content. I hope everyone has been doing well.

Today I wanted to share with you a little project that has been ongoing for a while now. Months ago I shared a post where I designed and printed my first ever replacement part which was the back piece for my Beats mic.


You might remember this little guy. It's not much but it was my first actual design and it worked perfectly.

Fast forward...

About a week ago, I went to put on my headphones and heard a crack. The overhead piece cracked on both sides. Panicking, I grabbed some superglue and duct tape. This was the result. Not pretty, but it worked in a pinch.



Off to fail at designing a fix.

As you know, I'm no designer. I attempted a few fixes in too embarrassed to even show. Then I went to thingiverse hoping someone has the same issue. To my surprise, I found the perfect solution. Some saint had designed brackets to slide over and glue in place. Click the hyperlink to restore your poor broken Beats. I hit the printer immediately.

So the first step was spend 20 minutes removing the large amount of duct tape I wrapped around them. Here's the aftermath. My poor floppy beats covered in sticky residue.


Cleaned off the residue and attempted to glue the brackets in place. One of them went in place perfectly. The other, not so much. The glue dried too quickly and it didn't go all the way on. Whatever. They work like a damn charm now.


BONUS: Take a gander at that Donald Pump sticker. I photoshopped Lil Pump's hair onto that guy that somehow became president of the U.S. If you need a shitty sticker made, let me know. Lol.


I printed these with 100% infill to ensure they were nice and stout. Worth the extra Filament. Didn't have to worry about breaking them. Of course, I have a timelapse of it to share.

Where dat lapse at tho?

It's right here. I know. It's the best part.

Thanks for reading/watching. Hope you enjoyed. Leave me a comment. I miss talking to you guys.



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