3D Printing: Failed First Print

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Happy Sunday!

Hope your day has been great. I had a pretty normal day despite being sick. I got my COVID results and it says I'm negative so I don't know what I've had. Whatever it is, it sucks. I finally feel like I'm getting over it though. I know I said Friday that I'd share my first print on the Ender 3 Pro so here it is. Being a total noob with this printer, I didn't heat the bed or apply any adhesive. This resulted in a 3 hour mess.


I used this as an opportunity to try out the included magnetic bed and get it level. So I wasn't really that upset. I think it came out beautiful.

Trying out different settings.

This has been a learning experience. I've learned that there is a very large world of customization that I didn't previously have access to. I'm using Ultimaker Cura for all my slicing and it has a plethora of different settings and experimental features. I feel I've dialed them in pretty well but I'm still waiting on my longer camera cable. I added a glass print bed and I'll be doing an extruder upgrade tomorrow. I made a few cool timelapses on my phone and am shocked at the quality honestly.

Here's a few of the print I'm working on now. I shot these both by hand at 60fps. We're currently on hour 10 of a 16 hour print. I could have definitely chosen faster settings but I was looking for higher quality print.

HD Timelapse time.

I'll be sharing the final product tomorrow. It's a 17 hour print of some super dope succulent planters with rainbow filament.

Thanks for reading/watching. Let me know what you think.

If you have an tips for printing on a glass bed, let me know.


May you recover as quickly as possible.

17 hours is a long time! As all work is rewarded. Thank you for bringing great work here.

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