3D Printing a New Stand for my Google Home Mini

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It's September!

What's going on everyone? I feel like a lot has happened since I posted last. I started a new job and a whole bunch of personal shit has happened. I've been making some solid trades with cryptocurrency to supplement my income during the job transition. I discovered Dharma wallet has gas free transactions right now and has DEX aggregator built in. I've been using it for most of my trading lately, so give it a look. Gas fees on Ethereum are fucking crazy right now. I truly feel like it's 2017 all over again. Ok, ok, ok.... You didn't click on this post for me to rant about cryptocurrency trading. I'll stop now but if you wanna discuss, drop a comment.


I felt like it was time to update my Google home mini stand since the last stand I printed was one of my first ever prints. I went looking for a picture of it but I couldn't find one. Probably because it halfway failed and I used it anyway. It was a basic ass blue ABS print. This was the first kind of filament I used, and I will never go back from PLA. So here's the new stand in all its glory. Rainbow silk PLA+ filament.


Look at that beautiful tree support.


After a little cleanup....


I really like the difference of colors. It makes the speaker really stand out. Get it? Because it's a stand.. but also... it stands out... Ok I'll see myself out...


The timelapse is fucking awesome though.

My cat didn't fuck it up. I got the whole model in the shot. I really love this wide angle 1080P raspberry Pi camera.

Thanks for reading/watching!

Have an awesome day.