3D Printing a Demon Skull + Other Random Shit

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What's good people?!

OK, I know I haven't posted anything in like 2 weeks. I have been going through hell and have just been in a bad head space. I'm trying to get back in the groove of things so I'm sorry if you've missed my content. I'm back!

Am I OK?

I'm good. It's a tough time for all of us. My mother in law lost her job, and her apartment so she had to move in with me temporarily. Then 3 days ago her car was repossessed. I'm also being forced to move from my current residence due to a change in work from the pandemic. It's just one thing after another but we're all gunna get through this.

First, my cat did some remodeling on my setup.

She decided to get the night crazies and kill my raspberry pi camera mount. So I reprinted it with 100% infill with hopes that it's strong enough this time. So here's the old parts and the new setup.



Obviously I don't have a timelapse of this print as my camera setup was compromised. But the beauty of a 3D printer is being able to quickly print replacement parts.

OK.. What else?

The wife wanted some paper clips of different sizes and I needed to relevel the print bed after attaching the camera... So I printed a shit ton of paperclips. They work really well! Yes, I need to clean the print bed. I know.


There's a plethora of different styles on thingiverse but I went with the plain old basic paperclips for this.

The finale?

After releveling the print bed and fixing the camera setup I figured I'd try out a new timelapse setting. It came out cool, it's called animated printing on octolapse. I printed this super dope Demon Skull I found on thingiverse.



Even if you're not a fan of the print itself... Look at that support piece. It came off completely intact and was so satisfying I nearly cried. Only people with 3D printers could understand. As you can see, I like the color purple so I've started printing V slot covers for my printer. There's a ton of them so I'm doing it over time. Will update once complete.

Time for the lapse!

Hope you enjoyed and I'm glad to be back

Have an great day.



Hello @l337m45732, how are you? I wanted to ask you something ... I don't know if it's the platform but I'm not able to see my votes in the STEMGeeks community.

In your post for example I know that I voted for you but I can't observe my vote or the amount of STEM that I had in my voting weight, because I use the vote multiplier and that had never happened before.

I was wondering if it's just me doing this or something that is affecting the STEM community. Thanks for the help and appears more in the community. I like to see your works in 3D. :)

Through the Hive blog I realized that I can see that my comment is now in your post but not through the STEM front-end.

I'm finding it very strange and I think someone has signaled me so that I no longer make any disclosure in the community.

by @coyotelation

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