Foundation update on the new house in Ponca City we picked up quite a bit of work today!

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Here's an update on the foundation rebuild to my son's new house up in Ponca City.

First here's the trench that he cut in to make room for the New Foundation.


Now this is the same trench with the gravel added that is tamped down to a flat and level surface.


Here's the East wall with capstone's down and the level of bricks attached with mortar. This end is ready for the house weight, as soon as the mortar is cured. He will put a layer of construction adhesive on top of the brick when we're all finished and both sides and then we'll lower the sill plate down and make a permanent Bond.


You can notice here that the vapor barrier has also been added underneath the floor to block any ground moisture. The same Vapor Barrier will work for the floor when when the floor is set in. The process for the floor will be the same you'll be gravel down level tamped sand on top of that and then we'll put the floor down.

He got a lot done today since I've been sick I couldn't help. I'm real proud of him, he did good! He told me he will finish the other wall the South Wall tomorrow. If he can get that much done I will be amazed that's a lot of work oh, but he got an awful lot done today!


He already has some of the gravel tamping and sanding done on the South Wall here in this picture. He is working too hard....


Excellent progress 👍

I'm pretty proud of him! I can't help until I beat this fever, but he is Making good progress by himself!