Doing a massive effort: 4000 Steem Power reached!

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With every paycheck, a bit into crypto.

Step by step, a few sats every time. This is how you achieve 'long-term' goals.

Sticking into them. Building your ass off among the days and the weeks, the long months of the crypto winter.... Eventually years.

Seemed a lot of time, but as I checked into my historical posts, I was very glad to reach the 'non-negligible' amount of 1000 Steem power in the recent past. Just in may. May 10, exactly.

Now, 4 months after, I'm sitting at 4000 Steem Power after a nice power-up of ~800 Steem:


Around ~20.000$* at ATH prices (~5$ for a few months at late '17 early '18).

Not taking into consideration the compounding nature of SP, with a big enough chunk of the SP pool, you might not want to sell ever.

Also not taking into consideration even higher prices (+10$) which are not fully out of the equation but didn't want to think about them yet.

It's incredible. X4 My initial 'long-term' goal. 'Just' because I decided not to conform and asked myself 'How does it feel to be a dolphin?' (in steemian terms, of course hehe).


Well, I'm 'almost' there. And the almost will be destroyed within a 'few' months more, hopefully.

Steem on!

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