PowerHouseCreatives Contest: I would go to the Roadhouse with my Family.

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@zord189 has a contest going where one must say where one would go if the lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic is lifted. There are a number of great posts, with a lot of exotic destinations people would like to go to!! I must admit, that I would also love to go to most of those places, specially the islands - as I am a lover of the sea!!

I however will have to stay local, and would only be able to go for a short trip, as I won't have leave from work when the lock-down is finally ending!!

I am also craving for a nice big chocolate milkshake for a while now!!

What better place would there be to enjoy a good old fashioned, milkshake, than a real old school roadhouse??
I was thinking to load the family in my classic VW Bus, and go for a nice outing to a roadhouse, just to have a milkshake, and while we are there, also a hamburger!!
The roadhouse, I have in mind is not the one in the photos, I want to go to a real old one, the one I have in mind is called the Dolls House and was already doing business when I was a student in the eighties!!
I am really looking forward to this huge, ICE COLD, extra large, double thick chocolate milkshake!!
I hope, I now also awakened the craving for a nice milkshake, off your favorite flavor in your head!!

I hope you liked the post.

All photos were taken by me, using my Samsung phone, in Pretoria, South Africa!!


Hi dear i love the idea i wan to take a rv and travel to the states , i want to inform you that the redfishrally in the discord theterminal is going to start in may, maybe you want to join. @justclickindiva and i will run it. I know you have a high rep, but he is below 500 so let me or @justclickindiva ( both PHC ) know if you are interested and we will see if all is possible

Yes, I would also love to do something like that, I guess one would need at least 6 months to do so.

I will be interested in your redfishrally

Oh my is the Doll House still there! What a treat, when I next get up there that would be a treat going there again (if I find it).

Double thick milkshake with hamburger sounds like a treat, definitely don't find many places that make them like they did in the 70's.

Milky Lane in Hillbrow was another place to enjoy waffles and double thick milkshakes, would not venture anywhere there now.

We had a couple of roadhouses on the Westrand growing up, one on Ontdekkers Road closer to Roodepoort and one more local near Florida Lake we used to frequent more often.

With the Kombi van and the roadhouses that would be a definite treat in more ways than one. Have fun when we eventually get out of this!

Yes, the Doll House is still there and still quite good!! I agree I won't go to Hillbrow easily!!

Here in Pretoria we still have a few roadhouses!!

Its a great contest in the middle of the covid-19, but stay safe in home.


Thank you, so far I am staying inside, with no plans to go out, except for food!!

such a lovely Car you have Red beauty , and is she your wife ? So beautiful :) May you all family live long and beautiful life ... :)

Btw i am also having craving now for the
chocolate milkshake after reading through your post ❤️

This is some great activities. We all got something will can't wait to do, hope the pandemic ends soon so that we can do them

Yes, you have awakened the craving for a nice milkshake of me. Nice photography

Oh! This sounds like a place I could wrap my head around! I am with you on this! I don't wish to be anywhere else because I still have to work right now, and well, that would be inconvenient, yes?

An old fashioned burger and a thick milkshake... yes, please!

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That milkshake sure looks good, I always go for Chocolate as well!
A good old Roadhouse brings back many memories:)

I love chocolate milkshakes too! I might have to go to Steak 'n Shake today for a carry-out burger meal and the chocolate shake! Thank you for that! 😆

Hello dear friends. @ Rynow I would love to take a trip in a utility vehicle like yours, it looks very beautiful, I always liked these trucks, the smoothie looks exquisite.
I wish you a best day