Unable to Accept Your Human Design? Here’s Why!

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Do you know how much I hate my Human Design?


I was once deeply in denial. “Why do I need to wait for Invitation when I can be a go-getter!” I said that to myself all the time when I discovered that I’m a Projector in 2013. What I did not aware at the time is conditioning and I was deeply conditioned to be a Manifestor and Generator. I Initiated all the time and got bitter because no one hears what I said. I remember back in corporate life, I sent long emails for solutions and the emails either got rejected or no response at all. Being conditioned as Generator makes me work long hours too. Can you believe that I used to work 16 hours a day, running logistics management? I have Undefined Sacral with Gate 14, the workaholic trait in the not-self! I didn't know all this and I was too ignorant to accept that this body is not designed to work like Generator and initiate like Manifestor.

Thank God for my Splenic Authority and its Intuition. Back then I already started to pay attention to my intuition. There was an unsettling feeling bothered me every time I dismissed Human Design (I dislike Ra at the time... Even got angry at him too!). Deep in my core, I know Truth is knocking. One thing about Truth, it doesn't always appear pleasant. So I take the risk and pay USD 100 for an overview session with Lynette Hagins (6/2 Ego Manifestor).

And boy! She impacted my awareness deeply about being a Projector with the Undefined Solar Plexus in the nodes. From there, I slowly pay attention to emotions. Three years later, I began my first Living Your Design Awakening with Laveena Archers (formerly known as Andrea Abay-Abay).

Turning denial into Acceptance

What begins as the denial was what led me to this wonderful journey of self-discovery was my nonacceptance for being a Projector.

Six years later… Every single day I feel grateful to be born as a Projector, specifically with this design. Whatever essence that I'm emitting, it is coming from this design, this body and this aura and I embrace it. Without this body, The "I" not matter anymore. And here I am, educating people, parents, businesses about Human Design! Perhaps until the day my service is no longer require.


If you are in denial, this is for you.

When you know your design and you dislike it, or rejected it; that could mean these things.

  1. You are deeply conditioned to be somebody else and you didn't know.
  2. Human Design is not for you at this moment. Some folks found out their Human Design years ago and only immerse in it after many years. I begin to immerse in mine after 3 years.
  3. Timing. There's always time for everything.

However, if you fall under the 1st category, I want you to ponder on this.

If you are a Projector and you are longing for recognition and invitation, now is the time to understand your gifts as a natural-born Advisor. It’s alright to be in denial but I also encourage you to observe the feeling of nonacceptance towards what’s yours. Give yourself sometimes to hear the echo of your own truth,

If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, let’s build some trust in your gut response. Your Sacral is your power! It is the key to everything you need in this life.

If you are a Manifestor, stop waiting! Pay attention to your aura. Be conscious of the fire in you; a fire that everyone is waiting for you to ignite.

If you are a Reflector, honour your openness and your sampling power. You are rare gems, a mirror to the world. 99% of the population need you to show them the truth in your sampling power!

I hope that shake some truth in you… And if it does, it's time to explore your differentiation and uniqueness.

Rose Osman.
RAX Cross of Service [58-52, 18-17]


What is Human Design?
Human Design system is Self-Knowledge that shows your unique blueprint through a Rave chart called the Bodygraph. It also explains everything about you in a logical way. It shows the conscious and unconscious side of you, your characteristics, your roles in this life and much more.

Human Design shows your Genetic Code and WHO YOU ARE through Definition. With this knowledge, you are able to tap into your own power and begin to heal through alignment of your soul, mind and body.

More details and the courses here: https://www.roselifecoach.com/human-design

Follow me here:

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Thank you for reading, I hope this can shed some lights on your journey!
Blessing to you all.

Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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Interesting my friend. I am happy in life and doing what my heart wants me to do. Often copied by others in the charity fields, which is good as then the people benefit.
For me that's quite enough.

Glad you feel enough :)

Thank you my friend, in all honesty I don't know how a person is supposed to feel, but my work gives me much satisfaction.

I'm glad you found your passion my friend.

No passion, no life my friend!

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Thank you!

Interesting information Rose. It’s hard to overcome our conditioning.

Indeed, the older we get, the harder it is.


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Valuable information

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Never heard of this, interesting to read and learn something different @roselifecoach

Thank you for stopping by. It's always a pleasure to share new knowledge.

Thank you for stopping
By. It's always a pleasure
To share new knowledge.

                 - roselifecoach

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This is very interesting. I just bookmarked your website so that I can explore it more fully later. Thanks for promoting it on steem.

Thank you too for reading it :)

I am a firm believer of just being yourself, and not to try and change to satisfy somebody else. You will never be happy if you try to change who you are the entire time.

Nice post.

I believe the same thing too and at the same time, it's good to know what conditioned us because conditioning is something we can't avoid. Even subatomic particles like neutrinos can influence our behavior :)

This is interesting. I will definitely read up more on this topic 😉👍

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Thank you for reading it. You can explore more via my website or jovianarchive.com

Thank you. I will check it out. ^_^

I find that most people don't read their emails and would rather bother the sender with trivial questions, when the answers are right there in the email @roselifecoach. Asshats!

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Been there! I agree with you :)

Thanks for share this.

Thank you too for appreciating it :)

Great sharing of Human Design!

Thank you my dear!

If you are a Manifestor, stop waiting! Pay attention to your aura. Be conscious of the fire in you; a fire that everyone is waiting for you to ignite.

Everdingen I know I read the newsletter and it’s great got me thinking even more

Interesting isn't it? I met a few Manifestors and most of them are conditioned to wait and instead of living their true nature, they imitate Generators. Awaken Manifestors are very powerful people, not the way we think of power but they are mostly designed to be a game changer.

I didn't understand conditioning until I took a psychology 101 course in college, which was quite some time ago. Since then, I've become aware that we're all constantly being conditioned to some extent, such as in subliminal training to push our acceptance of thoughts and ideas we wouldn't accept before.

The TV is still very powerful for administering the conditioning, and now social media has only amplified TV's power to condition us, while social media itself works hard to condition us to be as nasty as we can be to anyone who disagrees with us.

I agree. Beside TV, imagine the conditioning comes from the aura of others and also from the neutrinos. People in a group behave differently than they as individual, why is that? Now, conditioning, naturally are not bad when we have the awareness to differentiate what's us and what conditioning for us :)

I really have no idea what is human design but when I read your explanation about it I did understand. This is new to me, thanks for telling us about this.

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Thank you for reading it. Human Design is a knowledge about our body and also mind. It's deep and very complicated because it also involves synthesis of science and ancient knowledge like astrology, chakra system and so forth. You can check it more via my website or jovianarchive.com.

There are a lot of terms in here that I am not familiar with (and I will be honest, some that seem a little out there), like “Undefined Solar Plexus in the nodes.” That said, it sounds interesting. I think many of us are, in fact, out of alignment with ourselves — working toward goals or Behaving in ways that don’t fit with who we truly are at our core. I think a lot of life troubles stem from that, and it’s important to find life work that fits the real you.

If we have the awareness of the conditioning, we can actually differentiate what is healthy for us or not.

Sometimes we need a reminder to understand who we are why we do certain things or react in a specific manner.
I know I need to reflect myself more than ever..

Hope you will find your path that resonate with you.

I definitely need to learn a lot more from this, I think it would help me a lot!

It would be very helpful for your journey in life.

This was not the type of post I thought this was going to be. It's hard to understand the categories without definitions. I'm not sure what a Projector is, for instance. I can try to figure it out based on linguistics, but that doesn't always work. Interesting post nonetheless.

Thank you for sharing you view as well. It does need a deeper understanding to be able to grasp the meanings.

Awesome information about human design, @roselifecoach - lots of interesting stuff here! Also...
universe changing.gif

Thank you so much @traciyork!

!giphy you're+welcome

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We're all conditioned - for better or worse (usually worse) - from an early age to be something we're either not, or just don't want to be. It definitely takes work and some introspection to overcome that.

Without awareness, we will still be stuck in the conditioning state of mind.

An interesting way of thinking about your life and the reasons that you are what are and how you might change things.

Indeed it is an interesting knowledge to learn.

Very interesting. Accepting who we are is central to being happy and content. Resisting is harmful. Thanks for sharing your journey and your philosophy.

Thanks for sharing yours too!