it is Monsoon time in the High Desert of Arizona. Rain is supposed to come every ...

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... day and today, it actually is happening. As we drove, we saw a beautiful rainbow. It is so beautiful here!


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Nice shot. Cloud looks ominous, Marianne.
I see on news Florida is being hit by a hurricane Dorian- by Monday it is suppose to make landfall.

I saw that too. Weather patterns are changing - that is for sure and I wished more people would feel an urgency to do something.

Beautiful photo I must say.

Thank you so much.

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I spent 7 yrs in Tucson Az, from '76-'82 @mariannewest. I loved it.
I loved the weather (for the most part) but especially I loved
Hiking and camping both in the desert and up on
Mt Lemmon. I loved that in the winter, you
Could go snow skiing in the morning,
Then come down and swim in
A pool in the afternoon.
Great times were had
Mt Lemmon Hot Dog.jpg

I love it here too and am sad that my husband’s work here is going to come to an end soon. Fell in love with this place.

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What does the hubby do? I was in the Air Force, stationed at
DMAFB in Tucson. I was Combat Crew in the Titan IIC
Nuclear Missile, 390th Strategic Missile Wing.
The only thing left now is the museum.

The sky looks great. I haven't seen rain in weeks. Just heard the thunder last weekend but no rain. Enjoy it. 💕

It does look peaceful :D