Change someone's life today! Bring a mother and her children back home to USA!

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A mother and her three children need your help! Yes, you! Today you have the ability to change someone's life.

One of my dear friends, Amie Nelson, is currently stranded in Panama with her three children: Charli (15), Asher(6) and Justice(4). They are all US citizens trapped in the annoying, corrupted and slow-moving court system in Panama.

What started as a family adventure for them a few years back turned into an endless judicial battle. Initially Amie and her husband decided to move to Panama and start a new life there. Thus Amie sold her house and they all embarked in the new adventure.

Little did she know at the time that things were about to change dramatically for her. Shortly after the move, they separated. Her husband moved out leaving her alone with the children with next to no funds. Although still legally married he did not provide the financial support for his kids.

When Amie decided to return to the United States with her three children, she discovered that she was not able to leave the country without having her husband's approval. He refused to sign the parent consent for travel form.

The family law and immigration law in Panama are sort of overlapping and the honorary fees for a lawyer are extremely high. She has been fighting him in court for almost three years now. The sad news are that it might take another two years until she will get her case solved.

Unfortunately Amie does not have a steady income and providing for her family has become challenging nowadays. The fact that she doesn't speak Spanish and she can't obtain a working permit make things even harder. (Note that the cost of a working permit is in the order of thousands. Applying for one, paying the fees does not imply she will get it. There is a risk that she can be turned down and the fees will not be reimbursed.)

According to the Panamanian law, she is responsible to pay 50% of the schooling fees and all the other expenses for the children. Without the possibility of getting a job, she is literally stuck. A big chunk of her savings was taken by her husband and the rest was used to pay the lawyers.

Just picture yourself in this messy scenario: alone with three minor children in a foreign country where you can't speak nor understand the language, with no income and faced with a long long trial.

Amy and Charlie.jpg Amie and her oldest daughter, Charli

Amie has been told that she was able to leave the country with her oldest daughter, but she refused because she did not wish to leave any of her children behind.

She wants to go back to Colorado with all three of them. There she has warrants for domestic violence that she has filed against her husband.

She is an amazing woman, a great friend and an incredible mother who needs to get her children back in the states. It is a shame that they are denied the right to leave Panama. The kids are on a no -flight restriction.

In spite of all these problems, she never prevented her husband from seeing the kids nor tried to take away the visitation rights, hoping she would be able to reach a consensus.

Therefore, her only chance of having reaching the American soil ever again is to get a good lawyer to help her navigate the system and win the case.


What does this story has to do with you? You get to do a good deed, help someone in need and at the end of the day to feel better about yourself, knowing that a family gets to live the life they deserve.

Click on the link below to get to the fundraiser campaign created for them and donate the amount that you can afford.

Amie's Fundraiser Campaign

If you never donated for an online fundraising campaign and you are not comfortable doing it, you may want to make your donation to Amie's paypal account directly, using her username.

All the rewards for this post will go to Amie's fundraising campaign. Thus please up vote and reshare!



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What a horrible situation to be in. The depths to which some people will sink knows absolutely no bounds.

Hopefully the American Embassy will be able to help, but if the children also have Panamanian citizenship there are additional hurdles.

The Embassy wasn't much help unfortunately. No dual citizenship, just US.

I’d like to hear the other side of the story.

I'd like to hear it too, but the other party has shown no interest in telling his version of the story. Thank you for stopping by!

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Thank you!

we don't know the full story of them as a family yet. We couldn't judge someone by listening but... it's hard to see kids suffering because of family issues. I hope they will still be fine, food and schools.
All I can do is to empathise their family because I have nothing also to support in terms of financial. A very sad story it became when children will be included..

Thank you for the read and comment. It's a sad story indeed because children are those who actually affected the most.

She's in a very tough situation. It's so hard when kids are involved, and with her and them being so far from "home." Did they move to Panama because the dad is originally from there? It appears she definitely needs some help.

Dad is an US citizen as well. Yes, she does need help for sure. She was reluctant about having her story written and posted online, but she is struggling.

How beautiful your children are, God bless them, excellent photography.

They are not only beautiful, they are also friendly, smart, educated and adorable!

It is very sad to see children getting involved in issues like these. A very difficult situation especially with no income. I'm not sure how it all works but if they are still American citizens can't the government do anything about it?

Although they are US citizens, they are also Panama residents which means they have to abide to their laws. Given that Panama had a bad reputation for human trafficking/ children abduction, the government makes no concessions. They want to make sure no child leaves the country without the parents' consent. It makes absolutely sense! It is a great way to prevent having kids taken out of the country illegally.

Really unfortunate situation. I know Panamá's laws can be really frustrating.Many friends have faced all kinds of obstacles for different things (migration, business, etc.)
Hope your friend gets to go back home with her children. If this part of the story is totally accurate, that guy is an idiot. As a divorced father, I had never seen the point of putting obstacles to our children's happiness. It is traumatic enough that they are going to grow without their parents living together.

Each country has it own problems. Nowhere is perfect. In Panama, everything is slow. That "mañana" can't take weeks, months or years. I agree with you that children should be put above personal issues.

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Thank you for all the support!

Very tough situation to land yourself in with children, again the children suffer!

Good luck to your friend and her children I really hope she finds a way to get home soon.


Thank you! I hope that this year they would be able to go back to Colorado.

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For years I blamed my father for dropping us as babies and us having to be raised by my struggling mother. Then after his death I found out that an uncle had threatened to kill him if he ever came near us again. Yes, in his younger days my father was a very violent man, beating up all of us, but children are always the losers in the end.

Indeed, the children are those who suffer the most, as they have nothing to do with all this situation.

Sheer madness my friend. Little innocent souls robbed of a secure future by the emotional acts of the two people that are supposed to love and care for them. It is tough growing up as a single parent child, I know as I never had a father. But such is life I presume!

Done all and congrats to the selected members!

Thank you!

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This story is heartbreaking @lymepoet, prayers for your friends return to the States. 🙏


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Thank you! These are needed as well!

This is so great that you are doing this, @lymepoet. I have shared it and will contribute!

Thank you!

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